Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Apple Mesh - two Design Studio versions

A lot of people liked the apple mesh I posted and  were eager for the Gypsy file to be "shareable."  Since I have no idea how long it will be before a software update is released allowing files to be transferred between the Gypsy and the Design Studio program, I decided to recreate the mesh in Design Studio.

 By using Design Studio, I was able to make a few refinements to the design, using features that we have heard are meant to be added to the Gypsy but are not yet available.  I used "hide selected contour" to eliminate the holes at the tops of the apple stems (the apples on the A Child's Year cartridge were intended to be used as tags).

One quirk of the "hide selected contour" feature is that if you hide only one contour in a shape it will not stay hidden when the file is closed and you will need to "rehide" the line each time you open and use the file.  The workaround for this is to find another line that you can hide - if you hide two or more lines, they will stay hidden when the file is closed and reopened.  I hid a detail line on the leaf along with the hole.

The other change I made was to flip every other row of the design to create a more graceful "wave" between the rows.  I have two versions of the file to share - one with the flipped and one with all of the rows identical (as in the Gypsy version).  I couldn't flip the rows in the Gypsy and have a successful weld with the flipped images but apparently this is something that was fixed in testing and we are just waiting for an update to be issued so flipped items can be welded together and cut.

Here is another view of the mesh with alternating rows of apples facing in opposite directions (on a black background).

You do need to be careful when lifting this mesh from the Cricut mat - the stems are very thin and it is easy to rip them if you move too fast!

 Apple Mesh

Apple Mesh - flipped rows


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  1. Love your mesh designs!!! I have to say, thanks to you, I understand the hide contour feature a bit better!!! I need to get ACYs!! It is so adorable, and I love the images. Thanks so much for your hard work and inspiration!!!

    Lisa Sturgill

  2. Diane, your apple mesh is so cute!!...and enjoyed your 'apple picking' posts...reminds me of all the fun times we had taking our children apple picking and the yummy pies after!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing the tip regarding the quirk with 'hide selected contour' feature!! I'm a new DT member at Custom Crops website and I'm sure it will come in handy for sharing my .cut files.


  3. Great apple mesh! Love all your meshes (is that a word...). Thanks for all the tips, I need them.


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