Thursday, October 29, 2009

Red leaves and some shopping tips!

 Today's post is mostly about shopping (with a bit of photography thrown in).  I just had to share a couple of photos of this amazing tree that I saw Sunday when we visited my mother-in-law.  The leaves around here have not been as spectacular as they are some years but this tree was incredible.

 Here is the tree in a longer view - it was so brilliantly red, like a giant ball of flame!

So now I have a bit of "enabling" for you.  I found this pack of 28 battery operated tealights at Costco.  There are 20 white, four metallic red and four metallic silver and they come with a complete set of extra batteries.  All this for $13.89, so check your Costco for this great deal. 

The package claims that they will last 80 hours on one battery - I hope that is true.  I have some projects coming up very soon where you will be needing some of these (hint, hint!).

For my next tip - you need to click this LINK and see the images of some great new Cuttlebug folders on the CuttlebugChalllengeBlogspot.  If you look at the more recent posts you will see some examples of the folders in use - lots of great ideas to get you inspired.

I really enjoy using Cuttlebug folders to emboss - the effect is always so interesting and adds a lot to a card or layout.  I have learned that finding the newest folders in the stores near me is very difficult.  There are six new folders coming out for the holidays that I just "had to have" - three of them are in a new 5 x 7 inches size.  There is a bundle of all six available on HSN - they will be featured in a few days (I think November 2) but I discovered that you could actually order them from the site already - so I placed an order tonight.  They could have a special deal on the 2nd but I didn't want to take the chance that they might be sold out and $19.95 for the six seemed like a good price to me, particularly since three of the folders are the larger size.

Here is a LINK to the HSN page where you can see the folders (and order them if you want to).  I think that the two with the ornaments (one 5 x 7 and one A2 size) are exclusive to HSN.

 I also want to let you know that this Halloween card is now up on the Custom Crops site and you can download the file and see the instructions if you'd like to try making it - here is a LINK to the page.

I'll be back with an actual Cricut project tomorrow - I have a lot of things in the works but some of them have to stay "secret" a little while longer!


  1. I just happened to buy a bunch of those little candles at a great price myself. I can't wait to see what you have planned with them!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming projects... I just followed your link to HSN and ordered the Cuttlebug Christmas folders...They are AWESOME! Can't wait for those Cricut "secrets" and projects!! :-)


  3. What a great halloween card! love it :) the tree is awesome, it looks so regal, I bet it has many stories to tell!
    I don't shop at costco but the local walgreens and joanns has pretty good deals on these little lights. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them :) I think they would be cool in one of those winter woodland houses!

  4. well how did I miss this? Love that tree, so beautiful... I so love coming and seeing what you are up to.


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