Saturday, June 6, 2009

You Rock - Jubilee

Today was a lovely day - my husband and I went on a garden tour and we saw some fabulous gardens so he now has some new ideas for plants for our house. (Photography is not allowed, so I don't have any pictures to share but it was a very inspiring tour). We stopped by the annual Library Book Sale and picked up a few books. Then I hurried home to teach another online "Getting Started" Design Studio class. The big event of the day, however, was our son's return from his concert tour. He has spent the last 10 days performing at various locations on the East Coast and his bus was due in late tonight in Boston.

I wanted to do a few more trial cuts with the Jubilee cartridge so I thought I might make a page layout for a photo or two from "the tour." On the Jubilee cartridge there is a prewelded phrase that says "You Rock" and I thought that would be perfect! I cut a triple layered version of this phrase - the top layer in orange glitter card stock (he likes orange a lot) and then a shadow in blue and a shadow blackout in bright green.

I also cut the five pointed star shape which is the shift of the "You Rock" key and the starburst which is the shift of the "the Big Day" key from silver glitter card stock, using the shadow key to make the points a bit thicker. When cutting the glitter card stock I use "multi cut" set for two times.

Then I started to play around with the cuts and try to arrange them in a layout. It was just one of those days - I tried lots of arrangements (and I will show some of them to you here) but I couldn't commit to any of them - probably because I wasn't working with actual photos. I normally do my scrapbooking by starting with a group of photos - sometimes I can just put together a "photo ready" layout but tonight it just wasn't working for me! (The blue circles here were to represent photos cropped to show just the faces in the stars).

I decided I needed to add some guitars - there are a couple of guitars on the Indie Art cartridge and I went with the more standard looking electric guitar - I cut it twice so I could mix and match the pieces and I skipped the top layer.

The actual guitar our son took on tour looks like this - it is a "Travel" guitar and is very compact with the neck ending abruptly and the tuning pegs moved to the body of the guitars in the hollowed out areas. It looks odd but it sounds great and can be set up for acoustic or electric style. (So I am really trying to explain that the guitar I used was just a symbol - I wasn't trying to make it an accurate representation!).

I rearranged (I decided that I liked the starburst from "The Big Day" better since it had more points)...

and rearranged...

and rearranged...

tried first one guitar...

then the other...

moved the title a bit to allow some journaling space in the lower right - but none of these pages made me say - "that's it!" so I decided to make a card instead!

I made a five by seven card base from plain black card stock and put my title on the front.

Then I chose the orange guitar for the inside and added the "Congrats" that I cut with the Cuttlebug from the "Everyday Greetings"A2 combo cut and emboss set.

After I stuck down the "Congrats," I realized that I had used a different shade of orange glitter card stock (which happened to be on the table near my cuttlebug). I wanted it to match the "You Rock" so I cut another one and put it directly on top of the paler orange "Congrats" - this makes it stand up higher from the card base and it actually a nice effect (another one of those mistakes that ends up making something you like better!).

Here is a closer view - you may be able to see the added dimension but it is a bit hard to catch in the photo.

I made a few more projects using cuts from Jubilee but it is very late so I think I will wait and share them tomorrow. For those of you who asked about the .cut files for the Home Decor ideas in yesterday's post, I will try to get them ready to share soon.


  1. Great job, Diane! I love how you showed all the different ways you were considering the layout! I also love the card! It's always so fun to see what you've made - you have such a cool style! Your son looks so cute holding the card also!

  2. Sounds like you are having WAY too much fun...


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