Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just Because - Simply Sweet

Sometimes you want to send someone a card - "just because" - well, you can make a quick card that says just that with the Simply Sweet cartridge. This is an extremely simple design - the charm is in the rather unusual background paper and the whimsical font.

I cut the words using the "Blocked" Creative Feature - this cuts the word in stencil fashion into an irregular rectangle. I used pink paper for this layer and then I used blue paper to cut the same "words" again using the "Blockout" Creative Feature. This actually cuts a matching irregular rectangle with the word blocked out. The card is 5 x 7 inches and the words are cut at 2 3/4 inches high.

If you layer the two cuts exactly, your card would look like this. I thought it was a bit dull this way so I offset both words to allow more of the "Blockout" rectangle to show.

Here is the card standing up - super simple. The more sophisticated background paper helps keep it from looking "too sweet." When I was writing up this post I suddenly noticed that I had not removed the dot on the "i" - I thought it was an upper case "J" until I looked closely and realized the dot was cut but sitting in the paper.

So I took it out and took another photo. I left the "wrong" photo to show you that, once we can use this cartridge in Design Studio, you could "hide" the dot and have both words start with an uppercase letter.

(I know that it is Thursday and you may have been expecting to see another FCTSC Digital Challenge but there were no participants last week. I think it is a busy time for people with graduations and school finishing for the summer so I decided to skip a week. I will post a new challenge next Thursday).

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  1. Oh Cap , I remember when you did those little people holding hands. So cute. Darling cards too!
    I have an award awaiting you on my blog. Barb


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