Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Simply Sweet (more enabling!)

As I promised yesterday, here are some images and information about the second new cartridge I am reviewing, "Simply Sweet." This is a full font cartridge and the letters and the images are cute and childlike - in fact, very sweet!

I did not photograph every single page this time - above you can see the upper and lower case letters in this font. While it looks somewhat similar to some of the current fonts - it has a special sort of charm and the letters are a bit more "regular" than some of those on cartridges like "Making the Grade" (which was the cart it reminded me of on first glance).

I just photographed the first two letters so you can see the special features a bit better - this is full cart with six Creative Features - Shadow, Blackout, Heart, Stitched, Blocked and Tab. The handbook is printed in pastels (a bit hard on the eyes) so I did my best to darken the image to help you see it better - there is a bit of "show-through" from the other side of the page.

As you can see above and below, there are three foundation keys for the creative features - these can be used alone or as layers when you use the creative features. (Foundation shapes are the solid versions of the creative feature images).

I did photograph the pages for the bottom row of keys with the extra images and phrases. There is a stitched circle and a variation with the center cut out - this will be adorable for ribbon threading on a layout or a card. The flower and the heart are cute and whimsical - I particularly like the flower and the heart in the heart shape!

The word art for "Love and Birthday" is charming.

The butterfly and diaper pin will also be great on cards or layouts - I can imagine a baby photo in the top of the diaper pin for a birth announcement.

One of my favorites in the "get well soon" and the pill bottle - it would certainly bring a smile to someone who is under the weather.

The Christmas tree for the "A" in Merry Christmas is also fun - just add some Stickles or a few gems and it will look great!

"To" and "From" - it is always good to have these for tags and gifts or even envelopes and the "just because" can be used for all sorts of things - just because it is so cute!

I think we will get a lot of use from the "blocked" feature - it is similar to the options in Printing Press but this font has a much more youthful look. The Tab option will also be great to use for making a type of word book if you don't have Design Studio (once again - if you don't have it, we need to talk - I consider the software an essential cricutting tool!).

So there you have it - if you are not "into" cute - this may not be for you, but I am sure that you will see lots of great project examples from my fellow previewers and that we will be able to tempt you into adding this one to your wish list as well!

I am sorry it took me a bit longer than expected to get these posted. I was at the dentist most of the morning (a new crown - ouch!) and I also learned my lesson and decided I needed to add watermarks to my photos since it seems they were copied without my permission yesterday.


  1. Hey Diane! Another great preview. Thank you for taking the time to share all the info with us. (Sorry to see that someone pirated your photos and made them her own :( Seriously so sad!)

    Keep up the great work!!

  2. Thats horrible someone stole your pictures but your blog is amazing I really want this cart!!

  3. Thanks to you both - I imagine it happened due to misplaced enthusiasm over wanting to share the images quickly but I have asked that the photos be taken down and a link to my blog posted instead - and that is all I am going to do.

    I want to go make things and share them and not make a big fuss over this - so get ready for some nifty new things. I am really eager to have these cartridges available in Design Studio - I have had to relearn to use the buttons on my Cricut!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  5. Hey, Diane! Thanks so much for the previews---I originally thought Simply Sweet would be too girly and I would not want it but OH NO! I love it and love the connected whole words perfect for card making.

    Please never get tired of what you do because I get such information and encouragement from your great work! Happy Thursday to you =) Jill

  6. Hi! I just discovered your blog this weekend and I am really enjoying it. Your cartridge reviews are so helpful as I formulate my Christmas wish list! I am still very new to the whole "blog" thing and I dont have a blog myself so I just don't understand why anyone would copy your photos and try to pass them off as their own. I hope it won't happen again.


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