Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stand and Salute (serious enabling ahead!)

Well....I told you last week that I had an exciting and unexpected email - and now I can tell you all about it! I was contacted by Provo Craft to see if I would be interested in previewing and reviewing some of the new Cricut cartridges - before they were generally available to the public or even to the vendors. So, let me think about that for a minute,...hmmm.....YES, OF COURSE I WOULD!!! What a fantastic opportunity!

Today the Fed Ex truck delivered this big box - Provo Craft sent not only cartridges but some supplies to go along with the cartridges to be sure that I could get to work on something right away (obviously they haven't seen my "stash," but there were some things I didn't have and I am eager to try - more about those later).

I ripped open the box and inside were

Jubilee, Stand and Salute, Simply Sweet and Home Decor. Since I know a lot of people may have already purchased Jubilee and Home Decor through the Mother's Day Special on Cricut.com last month - I am going to focus on Stand and Salute today.

I know that what everyone wants to know when a cartridge comes out is "what exactly is on this cartridge?" - particularly with all the creative features on a full cartridge. So I asked if I could show the contents and they said that was OK.

There are six special features on this cartridge; Dog Tag, Note Card, Frame, Border, Shadow and Blackout - here are photos of the overlays.

It is hard to make out all the details on these overlays - so I went ahead and photographed the book for you - please do not copy these but respect the sneak peek and send your friends here to see the photos.

If you look at these photos you will want to buy this cartridge - it is GREAT!!!!

With no further ado...

Flags, flags and more flags...

The full US map (well without Alaska and Hawaii) - remember how we all thought it should be on the 50 States cartridge? The Statue of Liberty - sightseeing trip to New York to scrap? - and the torch would work for Olympic photos as well.

Banners and bunting and badges and Uncle Sam hats - Fourth of July Parade photos will work wonderfully with these.

Two different shields and eagles - so many possibilities for these!

The Liberty Bell (a special favorite since I grew up near Philadelphia and went to see it on many school trips). Also a "cause" ribbon - one that many people have created on Design Studio but this one is ready to cut even if you don't have the software (OK - if you don't have Design Studio yet - we need to talk!)

Stars, stars and more stars! These look like great borders - can't wait to try them.

Even more stars and a couple of anchors.

More anchors - the globe and anchor and sailor hat. I wonder if you can put the eagle together with this for the EGA?

Military hats - of various types...

Male soldier and female soldier and great banners that work for any title.

Ranks and ribbons and medals...

Even more medals and ribbons...

Dog tags and boots and a suitcase (that one seems a bit unusual but it looks nice and makes a neat border and frame)

Compass and star (these will work for Scout camping photos) and weapons.

Fireworks! The Fourth of July is just around the corner....

Tanks and Trucks and Helicopters - and a paratrooper!

Another truck, a cannon, jets and clouds.

More planes, aircraft carrier and submarine.

Coast Guard Boat and Jets and the start of some great title phrases.

Camo (I am curious to see how this looks cut out) - and notecards and envelopes (always useful)

USA, USA - the border options are really neat!

More phrases - I think these are very well done.

Support for our Military and patriotic phrases.

More great phrases! - and look an aperture card for the 4th of July - just in time!

Finally, the last of the phrases - I can see "Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness" on the wall in vinyl. Some of these phrases will work well for historic sites too.

So there you have the whole picture - this is the actual cartridge so what you see here is what is on the cartridge. I am going to grab some supper and then try some cuts - I'll probably post again tonight or in the morning. Then I'll move on to the other cartridges - Simply Sweet will be next - this is fun!


  1. Thanks for posting. I preordered this cart and I'm so glad I did. I have WW II pictures to scrapbook of my Dad and my son just received his Eagle Scout. My son is will be attending college in the fall and his major is Aerospace Engineering and he wants to get his pilot's license. I'm so excited! The possibilities are endless!!!!

    Thank you, thank you!


  2. This is so AWESOME Girl! no wonder you kept jumping out of your seat yesterday everytime you heard a truck drive by your house. LOL I think my hubby will even approve of the Stand & Salute cart.
    Thanks for the preview!!!!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THIS ONE!!!

  4. Thanks for showing this I am glad I preordered it. I can't wait to see whats on Simply Sweet next.

  5. Thanks for posting all the pictures from the cartridge! You're right, now I want it!

  6. That's awesome Cap!! I got the exact same box of goodies!! I knew you would get picked, too!!

  7. I have to get this cart now! I like it. Very nice job of showing us what's on the cart. Thanks for sharing.

  8. WOW!!!!!!! You received all that for free?????? I am amazed!!! I definitely want this cartridge!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to see what you do with it!!! AWESOME!!!

  9. Wow, thanks for the awesome post! What a great cart. I have no family in the military, but this is still tempting!

  10. You were right ~ I want it!! Thanks for sharing. Now I can't wait to see simply sweet.

  11. That's awesome that you get to "test drive" new products.... I hope they gave you something to update your DS with.... I can't even cut anymore without it!

  12. AWESOME! The cartridge and the fact that you get to preview all of this. Can't wait to see what else you go. So glad I haven't done my airshow pics yet! TFS!!!!!!!


  13. oh my goodness, this is a super cool and very well done cartridge. congrats on getting it.

    how can you not like it? it is so super awesome.

  14. Awesome awesome awesome...you are amazing...do you mind if I put this post on my page at this link:

    I am going to add to my page, but if you want it removed, just let me know...hugs regina

  15. I have to admit, I'm a little (well, maybe a lot) jealous, but I'm so happy for you. You deserve to have these in your posession. Thank you so much for sharing each page of the booklet. I can't wait to see the rest. Thanks!

  16. I am just moving this to the right post - it somehow ended up on the recipe book entry(!)

    Thank you so much for reviewing the Stand and Salute Cartridge. I appreciate how thoroughly you highlight the details! After reading your blog, there is no question that I will be purchasing this cartridge! Provo Craft hit the nail on the head by asking for your input. I think you are very in tune with the cricut population!
    Karen from PA

    June 3, 2009 9:39 AM

  17. I am trying my best to get some more things posted - I had to be at the dentist nearly all morning but now I can start finishing and photographing the things I cut out last night (until waay too early in the morning!).

    It is such an honor to be asked to preview and review these new cartridges for you - and I have a bunch of projects in mind for when they are available in Design Studio. Home Decor is already in the program and I hope that an update with the rest will be coming very soon.

    I have no "official" information on release dates but I have seen postings from some retailers that say they will be shipping in early July.

  18. Lucky you! I can't wait to purchase the Stand and Salute, as well as the Simple Sweet! I am such a sucker for stars, stripes and hearts. Now...being a francophile, I am wish they would make one with all things French (like the Eiffel Tower, a baguette or croissant, etc.). Thanks, as always, for sharing. You're the best.

  19. Aren't you lucky.... the pink stamper got them too... thanks for sharing the books with us.

  20. luck has nothing to do with getting these. it's your expertise, your creative juices and the your computer savviness you are so willing to share with the rest of us. and provocraft knows it. thank you for all you do.


  21. This was great !!! Wish they had offered this sooner and it does make you want to get the cartridge...I am also glad they offered the chance to you as you have done so much to promote DS for them...hope they continue with this program

  22. Diane:

    Congrats on being selected they made an awesome choice. They know that you are a leader in this area and everyone respect and runs to you for help with project. An excellent spokesperson for the company.



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