Friday, June 5, 2009

Jubilee - cartridge preview

The third new cartridge I will be reviewing is the Jubilee cartridge. This is another full font cartridge with upper and lower case letters and six Creative Features - Flag, Runt, Village, Stilts, Shadow and Shadow Blackout. The basic font is tall and skinny. This font can look serious or playful.

Here is the full alphabet - remember you can click on the picture to have a larger view. Once again, I did not photograph all of the pages showing the letters - here is a sample of the A-B page. Just in case you are curious, the letter circled in red ("X"for Jubilee, "K" for Simply Sweet) is the "Key Height Character," which is the tallest character in the font. The other letters will cut in proportion to this letter unless the "real dial size" is selected.

There are foundation keys for the Flag and Village options so you can use these as layered cuts. I think the flags will be great for all sorts of projects and I can picture them spelling out a name or title on top of a castle cut. The Village option seems like something I would use for just the first letter of each word - but there could be times when you would use an entire row of little houses. The styles of the houses vary for different letters.

The Stilts feature makes an extremely skinny letter - I haven't had a chance to cut any of these yet (that is on my list for tomorrow). The Runt feature cuts letters that are a bit more evenly sized - but still with a lot of character.

The "Love You" phrase is charming with the heart in the middle and "Hooray" is perfect for graduations and other celebrations.

I used "the Big Day" on a layout already (posted yesterday) and I am sure that "You Rock" will be very handy for both cards and layouts.

"Enjoy" and a martini - perfect for a cocktail party invitation. The "Merry Christmas" options are charming - I like both of the flag options (more like banners here) and I think the village with the Merry Christmas cutout will make a great card!

Pre-welded "and" and "the" - useful words to have available. I like the way the welded words are done with slight tilts to the letters (and I hope that eventually an update for Design Studio will give us the ability to make words like this and keep them in a single "group" for copying and resizing). The tree and the mailbox go along with the village theme - I am eager to try putting the tree together.

Finally, there are a couple of interesting tag shapes along with the always useful "to" and "from/"

This font will be particularly nice for masculine pages and cards (but there is no reason not to use it for girls too!). Tomorrow I will be experimenting with some of the features and I'll have some new projects to post.


  1. I am so excited for you Diane..can't wait to see more of your creations

  2. Great photos of the inside pages! TFS! Getting those overlay pages to photo without a glare is VERY HARD! I can't wait to see what else you make! Isn't this fun?

  3. Thanks so much! I just purchased this during a "Wow - this is going for a great price" moment on eBay. It's nice to see what I'll be getting!


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