Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did someone say Birthday?!?!?!

There are so many great extras on the Lyrical Letters cartridge. Now that it has been added to the Design Studio program, it is rapidly becoming one of my favorites to work with!

When Provo Craft sent me the cartridges to preview last month, they also sent along some supplies, including several pads of paper. I decided to try these out and make a little project to share.

The Cricut Rainbow paper pad includes solid 6 x 12 inches papers that are double sided. One side is dark (see photo above) and one side is bright and light (see photo below).

I chose the paper that is two shades of pink or rose for my card. The paper has a nice smooth feel and it cut very well in the Cricut. It s a white core paper. I generally don't care for how the DCWV white core paper cuts in my Cricut, but the white edges seemed less obvious with this paper (perhaps because it is not textured).

I wanted to choose a liner paper for my aperture card from this paper pad called "Celebrations." There are some very cute small scale designs in this pad.

I had planned to use the "happyhappy" paper but I thought it looked too busy when I auditioned the cut on the paper.

I decided on this green print for my liner.

I wanted my cake to stand out from the background paper so I chose this cute all over pink design from the Celebrations paper pad and glued the silhouetted cake to the paper.

I could have made a better fitting shadow for the cake using Design Studio but I found it easier to adhere a piece of paper that was about the right size (I used a three inch square of paper) and then trim the edges a bit. My tiny Scherenschnitte scissors are perfect for this kind of trimming.

This photo show the back of the front of the card after the paper highlighting the cake was trimmed away at the edges.

Since I created this card with rounded corners, I made an additional page in the file for a liner that will fit the folded card and fill the aperture. You can put two pieces of paper on the mat, first cut the card, and then simply unload, turn and reload the mat to cut the second page for the liner.

I used a lot of Stickles on this card - in fact, I am still waiting for them to finish drying completely - there has been way too much rain on the East Coast this summer and everything seems damp!

Here is another view of the Stickled card - the glitter really sets things off nicely.

This photo shows the card before adding any lining. You can see the two shade of pink when the card is folded.

I was able to create this A2 size size card using a rounded frame and the blackout version of the same frame. This card will fit in a standard "invitation" size envelope from the office supply store or you can make your own envelopes. I may revisit this card and add a bit more "bling" or detailing in a day or so - still thinking it over...

(A note about upcoming classes - we did add the Getting Started class that was requested and there are now four lesson times - two Word Books, one Basic Cards and one Getting Started class - posted in the Let me Show you How to Do that blog).

Another Candle Card

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  1. Thank you Diane!

    I love this cartridge - have I mentioned that already LOL - it has become one of my favorites too.



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