Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Class updates, some more awards and a sneak peek...

Jen and I have been busy teaching Design Studio classes. We started out with just the basics (101 class) for Design Studio beginners and have now added a Basic Card class. We will continue to add more topics as we work through the requests and will develop each new class to make these lessons as helpful as possible for those who are trying to figure out all the ways Design Studio can expand their creative potential with the Cricut.

We have had some great feedback and we are working to take suggestions for new classes into account. The unique feature of these classes is that they are live - we are online sharing our computer screens with the students so they can see exactly "How to Do that" and ask questions in real time. We will continue to develop new classes - if you have a specific topic in mind, please email either of us. If you have time constraints for attending, please let us know your time zone and what time of day works for you and we will try to accommodate everyone at some point over the summer months. Some of the more advanced classes will be project specific and include .cut files and project instructions.

The Basic Card class does include some files and other resources. Our Thursday class is nearly full (it may be totally full by the time you read this) but there are still some openings in the Friday class at 1 p.m. Eastern time. Click on the blog banner at the top of this post or at the top of the side column to see all the details and instructions for signing up for a class.

I am feeling very "awarded" these days - I have gotten several comments and notices about blog awards that people have sent me and I didn't want to let more time go by without acknowledging them.

Thanks to Rosy for this award - here is a LINK to her blog.

Thanks to Barb (Snowmanlover) who sent me this award - here is a LINK to her blog.

Thanks also to krazykropper for this award - here is a LINK to her blog

More thanks to Diane M or lostgrl16 also for this award - here is a LINK to her blog

Thanks again to Linda or Lilgreenbug also for this award - here is a LINK to her blog

There is a lot of "Honest Scrap" going around!

In receiving notice of these awards, I realized that I wasn't sure if I ever completed the process of notifying the bloggers I passed awards along to last month. I will try to find time tomorrow to catch up. Here is a LINK to the post with all of those awards.

I thank everyone who sends me these awards - it is getting to the point where I find it difficult to keep track and promptly pass along awards and I think it would be great if you could find a newer blogger who needs some encouragement when you have one of these awards to pass along. Just having people read and comment on my blog is award enough for me! Thank you.

Finally, here is a sneak peek at one of my designs that will be shared on another site very soon - more details about that in a day or so.

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