Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Lovely Day for a Concert

Yesterday we drove to New Jersey so we could see our son's college Chorale and Orchestra Concert which took place this afternoon. The weather had been quite rainy, but it turned into a lovely day for a concert. We got there late yesterday afternoon and went to dinner at a restaurant where every dish contains garlic. Remarkably, we didn't have a "certain air" about us after the meal (it was delicious) and we should be well protected from random vampires for a while!

This little garden was created next to our son's building by a few friends - it looks so inviting and unexpected on a college campus.

My favorite thing about it was the helpful garden gnome! I think I may turn this little fellow into a "digital sticker" for some future projects.

The day was very sunny and the season is definitely further along in New Jersey than in Massachusetts. This older house is actually the Admissions building and is directly across from the Arts Center with the Concert Hall.

An "action shot" from the concert. The music was beautiful and we really enjoyed the afternoon.

Here are the proud parents and son outside after the concert. Doesn't he look great in his tux!

We originally planned to stay through to Sunday, but with final papers due and exams starting next week, our son really needed to get his work done, so we decided to return home and have a bit more weekend time to do things around the house! It was a whirlwind trip - about 36 hours - but we are so glad we were able to attend the concert and have a quick visit.

We came home to find a large box waiting for us - it turned out to be this lovely gift basket full of treats from Louisiana that was sent by our recent house guests who visited for the Boston Marathon. We were too tired to undo it all tonight, but I am sure we will be enjoying some pralines tomorrow!

Happy National Scrapbook Day - now that I am home I will get back to posting projects again. Thanks to all who took guesses about when the cards from yesterday's post were made. I appreciate the research some of you did. I'll follow up on that post tomorrow when I have a chance to look through all the responses.

Just a note about the new teaching blog - I know a lot of you have been patiently waiting for me to get this off the ground. As I mentioned a few days ago, JenC (jensbrainthings) will be joining me in this venture and we are very close to scheduling our first online classes - we are just working out the final kinks in the logistics. Watch our blogs for updates - it is so exciting to finally be able to provide what has been requested so many times!


  1. Diane,
    What a great posting... Your trip sounded fast but fun... And you do indeed sound like you will be vampire free for a while!

    Your son is so handome and I really liked the "action" photograph and the proud parents photograph - the three of you look so happy!!


  2. What proud parents!! My son is 35 and I still miss doing the school games and FFA shows.

    Love the picture of your son. He is singing from the heart. Great shot!! It is "sweet" that the kids have a home grown garden. How wonderful!! The family picture shows a close loving family.

    Great pics and I love that you share them with us. Thank you! =)

  3. Love the action shot. He is such a handsome guy and so are the parents! I know you are so proud of him. Thanks for sharing the photos with all of us.


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