Sunday, May 24, 2009

Awards - Part Two

As promised, today I am passing along all of the awards that have been sent to me recently. I will try to comply with all of the "rules" but, most importantly, I will share links to some wonderful blogs I know you will enjoy browsing through when you have some time.

First, this Kreativ Blogger award from Heather. Her post says that I should share a few things about myself and pass the award along to seven other bloggers.

A few things about myself - I have shared a lot lately but here are some things you probably don't know. I grew up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania, all of my childhood pets had "human" names (Mark, Rosemary and Coco), our family had a tandem bike (bicycle built for two) which was a lot of fun to ride, my first plane ride was at the age of 16 when my high school Concert Choir went to Germany, and I was once in a promotional movie for the Sears catalog!

Here are the seven blogs I am nominating

1. Sandy from Ukiah

2. Koala-t Kreations

3. Ruelysi Creative Cards

4. I love Pretty Paper

5. The Daily Scrapper

6. Cricut Creations by Amkscrap

7. Diva in Pink's Thoughts and Ideas

This Kreativ Blogger award came from three people - Cindy Lou, Laurinda and Sue. The rules for this award are listed HERE (in the part one post).

I am going to fudge a bit and list one set of "seven things about you people might find interesting" and send the award to the same list of seven blogs in response to all three awards.

Seven Things (totally random):

1. I collect many things (in addition to papercrafting tools and supplies!) - art glass paper weights, green pottery, Santas, enamel boxes, etc., etc.

2. I had never used a PC until a couple of years ago when I got an HP laptop with Windows XP in order to be able to use the Creative Memories software for photo organization (Memory Manager) and digital scrapping (StoryBook Creator Plus). I was happy to have the laptop when Design Studio came out since it was also PC only. I still use my Mac for lots of other things, so I guess I am "bi-lingual" in computers(!)

3. I have two older sisters and a younger brother and we are all four years apart - each born in a leap year (do you think my parents were doing some college planning?)

4. I love to shop at garage sales, antique markets and rummage sales and I always seem to find a "treasure" or two...that's why my house is so full!

5. I love to read - all sorts of books - and I have belonged to some sort of book club for most of my adult life in all of the various places we have lived (we have moved over a dozen times since we were married but are settled now - this summer it will be nine years in one place!)

6. I hate to vacuum - I have never found a machine I like as well as the one I had to leave behind in England when we moved back to the US (due to the different current) - I have four machines of various types and still have a craft room floor covered with paper scraps!

7. I have never been on a cruise but would love to try one someday - maybe for our 30th Anniversary!

Seven Blogs:

1. Creations with Christina

2. Going Buggy

3. Monkey Doodle Cricut


5. It's just me, Heather

6. 100 Things (Maybe More)

7. TeriBeri

Leslie sent this award - once again, you can see the full description of the award HERE.
I need to nominate fifteen blogs for this award...

1. Century Studios

2. The Oz Enthusiast

3. A Concord Carpenter Comments

4. Imagine That

5. Kisatrtle's Kreative Korner

6. Scrappindad's Scribbles

7. Paper Hugs

8. A Place to BE HAPPY

9. Obsessed with Scrapbooking

10. Courtney Lane Designs

11. Paper Creations by Nilda

12. Creative Liberties

13. Scraps 4 Fun

14. Bird Scrap

15. Paper, Scissors, Ink

Brandy sent this award - the rules are posted HERE - for this one I need to nominate five blogs - here they are!

1. Confessions of a Scrapaholic

2. Snowman Lover's Paperie

3. BettyBee's Buzz

4. Busy with the Cricky

5. TLC Design

Etha sent me this award and it is to go to people I think show great attitude and gratitude - here are my nominees.

1. Amy at Scrapping Mommy

2. Dawn at Froggaritaville

3. Brenda at Brens Designs

4. Kay at Clever Someday

5. Narelle at Cricut Lovers Guide to Design Studio

Finally, both of these awards were given to me by Linda - the first one is specifically for five people who follow and comment on your blog. The second one (the "Gift of Love" with the cute little bear) has no particular requirements - you just pass it along to five people. I decided to do what Linda did and give both awards to five people - here are my nominees

1. CrazyMaryNSC

2. Kasey's Kreations

3. Val's Paper Obsession

4. Dropped Stitches

5. Smiles for Everyone

I hope you find the time to go and visit all 44 (!) of the blogs I have nominated - maybe not all in one day but when you have some free time do check them out. There are so many amazing and creative people doing all sorts of things and blogging about them - I am sure your creativity will be stimulated and your knowledge will be enriched by visiting all of these blogs.

(I will notify everyone I sent the awards to tomorrow - so if you see it here before I send you a message I apologize - I spent over four hours putting this post together - I got distracted looking at all the blogs - and I have to get away from the computer now!)


  1. Thanks for nominating me Diane! This is my first blog award and I am honored. I love your blog and how helpful you are!

  2. Oh my gosh, I was commenting on all your awards and see you sent me one!!Thanks!!! Barb

    I love your work and your sweet spririt!!!

  3. LOL.. you have been one busy lady posting all of those blogs... I feel very special that you chose me. And I just wanted to tell you how talented I think you are. And for always being so helpful... I will try to pass this on later today (plus another one)....

  4. Have you tried a Dyson? I like mine a lot... better than any of my earlier brands/models.

    Thanks for the award - you are so thoughtful!

    xx Susan

  5. Thanks so much for the award Diane! I am so honored and definitely in great company! Are there instructions on how I should proceed? Thank you!

  6. Hi Cathy,

    Heather's post says to share a few things about yourself and then pass the award along to seven other bloggers. You need to link to the person who gave you the award (me!) and then post links to the blogs of the people you are giving the award to. You should let the people you give the award to know about it by commenting on their blogs. You can also display the award on your blog.

    I hope you have fun cruising through your blog bookmarks and finding the people you will send this award along to!

  7. Thanks! I finally got a chance to put this one up on my blog, so thanks for thinking of me!


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