Thursday, May 28, 2009

Digital Challenge #6 - Make your own element

It's Thursday again, so here is the digital challenge for FCTSC this week.

I have been experimenting with creating my own elements using the Creative Memories StoryBook Creator Plus program (you can click the link to find out more about this program). You can try to do this using whatever program you work with - some may have more basic elements and effects than others. I will explain what I did using the CM program.

The CM program has an assortment of shapes available to work with - some are the same as actual punches that CM sells for traditional scrapbooking and some are only available in the software. You can combine these various shapes to create new objects (just as you can design new shapes in the Cricut Design Studio program).

I started with this flower shape. I created the shape and filled it with a gradient of two shades of purple. I copied and pasted it and then rotated the second flower shape to overlap the first one and fill the gaps between petals. I applied a heavy shadow to the shapes and then grouped the two together.

Next, I added this shape on top of the two grouped flowers. I filled it with a dark pink. Finally, I added a circle for the center, filled it with a dark pink and peach gradient radiating from the center and applied a heavy shadow to each layer.

Once I had the additional shapes placed, I grouped the entire unit and started to try different textures and effects. I used the "rough" texture to add some interest.

Finally, I applied the "oil painting" effect to the flower - this closer view may help you see the effect more clearly...

This was fun to do and I'd love to create an entire garden of "new" flowers using these techniques. Maybe I will have time to do that...eventually.

Remember, if you want to participate in the FCTSC digi challenge, you will need to join FCTSC in order to be able to post your project in the digital challenge section of the gallery.

(Our house is quiet again - both sons are in New York. I drove them into Boston to catch the bus this afternoon. I miss them already, but I will have a bit more time for working on projects and teaching classes - between doctor appointments...

***Here is another hint about the exciting thing that happened yesterday - I am waiting for a mystery package to arrive - I hope it gets here soon so I can share what is inside with you!)

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