Friday, May 29, 2009

Life is a Beach card

We all have been waiting for a Design Studio update to add the latest cartridges to be released. I have heard that it will be here "soon" but it is hard to wait! I decided to use the Design Studio I have now to try to do something different with one of the Life is a Beach cuts.

Life is a Beach has two great card options. One is a photo card and one is a square card. For this little project, I used the square card, cut at five inches. As you can see above, the basic cut makes a very nice card - I particularly like the details in this cut - here is a closer view.

I decided to "dress it up" a bit by making a frame using elements from the Dreams Come True cartridge (there are some seaside items for Ariel - the little mermaid).

Here is a screen shot showing how I hid some contours to make a frame from the wave cuts on Dreams Come True. The waves are in a set of three but I only wanted one wavy line for the frame.

This screen shot shows the location of the waves I used on the virtual keypad.

This is the frame I designed and cut along with the extra layers for the shells - I cut the shells in pink glitter card stock.

I like the bold graphic look of the simple aqua and white card with the frame added.

Here is a closer view of the card once I added the sparkly shell layers.

The inside of the card has a 3.5 inch square of white cardstock backing the aperture cut. You could add a matching square on the right side.

If you cut a few extra shells, they could be used for decoration inside the card.

So, until the update is issued and we can use the newer cartridges for designing, why not try to do some Design Studio embellishing of the cuts from the new cartridges. It is fun to imagine the possibilities, and there will be so many more options once the cartridges are added to the program!

If you download the file, please pay attention to the instructions on the tabs to help with paper size and placement. There is a sizing frame on the first page that I used as a guideline for creating the file - I left it in the file so you could see how I planned this cut to fit the card. If you check the "this project" it will say that Dreams Come True and George were used - this is correct but you will not need George to cut the file.

Frame for five inch LAB chair card


  1. Lovely card, I do like the cuts from LAB, and this chair is one of my favourites.
    En x

  2. Great idea. The chair is one of my favorites as well. Love the card.

  3. Great frame you designed, Diane. Thanks for sharing.



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