Saturday, May 23, 2009

A bit of a preview...

Many people have been asking about the Design Studio online classes. You can get more info about them by visiting Let me Show you How to Do that (just click the name to go to the blog).

JenC and I have taught four "Getting Started" classes in the last two weeks. We will continue to offer these beginner classes, but soon we will be adding some more advanced sessions on how to make your own custom designs. I thought I'd share a few photos of a project I did for a friend's daughter to give you an idea of the types of complicated designs you can make once you have mastered the basics.

I created these standup word cards for her to give as gifts to her friends who were in a special summer camp group - they are called the "Scintillaides" for their sparkling service to the camp.

Here you can see the card flat on the table.

This is a screen shot of the design before cutting.

Designs like this require a lot of planning (and some math!) but they are very effective when cut. Her friends were very impressed when they received these custom cards. So be sure to watch for the sign ups for the next level of classes - we have lots of things to show you!

(Our older son and his girlfriend arrived today from San Francisco to visit for a few days, so I did not get a chance to complete the awards posting I started yesterday - I will find some quiet time tomorrow to finish that up - be prepared to spend some time blog hopping to visit all the people I am passing awards along to!)


  1. This is a great card. I bet they were thrilled.

  2. you are so talented, this it just the blog i have been searching for, so THANK YOU!!!!!! cant wait to start creating cards like this one, impressive.


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