Monday, May 11, 2009

Just a few notes...

I have been working on so many things - but I can't show you any of them just for some news coming very soon!

Tomorrow I will be teaching the first "official" online class on Design Studio Basics with JenC as my trusty sidekick! The two classes for this week filled very quickly so we are adding some more sessions for next week. Check the "LetmeShowyouHowtoDothat" blog tomorrow if you'd like to join a class. We are doing introductory classes the first few weeks and we are happy to take suggestions for future topics - you can also respond to the poll in the sidebar of the teaching blog.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day here even though it was a bit windy for Mother's Day - I took some photos in our garden and I thought I share a few with you.

These pansies are growing in a pot on the back patio. Pansies are one of my favorite flowers.

One of the last blossoms on this azalea - we had some rain that knocked most of them down. Our rhododendrons are about to burst out and I can't wait to see how the hillside looks once they are blooming.

These yellow tulips are so bright and cheery! Tulips and daffodils always make me smile.

This photo was taken a few days earlier - just after the heavy rain. I think the raindrops clinging to the tulip are so pretty - like little jewels!

Here is another pansy photo from the same rainy morning.

Finally, some bleeding hearts that are growing on our hillside.

All of these flower photos are putting some ideas for new designs in my mind - I think I will be pulling out my "Walk in my Garden" cartridge very soon.

I hope you enjoyed this little flower show. Many thanks to my husband - he is the gardener and I just take photos and admire his work.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Your flower photographs are so beautiful! You are a very good photographer.

  2. Loved the flower show. You husband undoubtedly is a wonderful gardner and you take great photos....a good match I must say!
    I have not signed up for any classes as we are traveling and on vacation so it's hard to pick a time. Later in the summer I will be able to sign up for some as I know they will be great!

  3. your beautiful flowers made me smile.


  4. Hi Rob!

    Come on over and check the flowers out anytime - it was fun to see a comment from you here! (Concord Carpenter - Rob - is a neighbor)

  5. Oh what beautiful pics! I love pansies and tulips! Love those little faces on the Johnny Jump Ups!


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