Saturday, March 1, 2008

Snowflakes and more snowflakes!

Well it's snowing again here in Massachusetts - Florida seems like a distant memory. I still have a fascination for snowflake designs so here are some more that are small enough to use on cards. There is a pattern or setting in quilting called "seven sisters" where you arrange six hexagons around a central hexagon and see the new pattern that develops - this is basically what I did with these designs.

This one I call the lattice snowflake - I think I will do a larger full mesh for a page - I love the way these go together in such a precise grid.

This one I think of as the starry snowflake - it is very delicate and lacy but stayed together nicely when I removed it from the mat.

This is the rounded tip snowflake and it is a little fiddly to get all the small bits out but well worth it in the end. I think this is the most traditional looking snowflake.

This was the trickiest one - these are actually pentagons not hexagons so it does not work in the same pattern. I had a hard time getting the angles right and then had to find an element to connect the flakes together - finally found one on the same cartridge and I really like the secondary five pointed star it makes. However, this is very tedious when it comes to getting the tiny details to show - the cricut cuts them but it takes some work to get such small cuts to punch out. I use my handy pushpin and a small pair of very sharp, pointed tip scissors that I got a long time ago for Scherenschnitte paper cutting.

I thought these would be good for cards and I put all four on a 12 x 12 mat - I think the offcuts would also be useful as frames for a stamped image or photo on a card - here is the design that was left by each snowflake.

Finally - here are some photos of the snowflakes on a five by seven cards - plenty of potential for additional embellishment and the look varies depending on the placement of the images.

I hope you can have some fun making things with these snowflakes - and I hope Spring comes soon to New England!

JOTS Snowflakes for Cards


  1. Your designs never cease to amaze me....those snowflakes look so intricate; you must have the patience of Job when it comes to CDS'ing!

  2. Thankyou or sharing these lattice files. they are beautiful.


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