Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fabulous Finds Doily (or frame!)

So many frames lately - so I went back in my files and found this doily that I did a while ago but had not posted . (I actually haven't posted everything I've done - some are too simple, some are too personal and wouldn't be useful to others, and some are just waiting for a little something to make them "post-worthy").

I got the Fabulous Finds cartridge for a great sale price shortly after I got my Expression but I hadn't really used it - wasn't even sure what all those things could be used for! I looked at some of the interesting shapes and liked the hearts (I think I started this around Valentine's Day) so I started flipping and rotating them and this is what I came up with.

The offcut has an interesting shape - I think this could be used for a layout - it's in my "save" pile. I think it looks like some sort of flower...

I set this file up on two mats and the second mat has the cut to turn it into (surprise!) a frame!

Here is the doily on the mat after cutting

Here you can see it with the center circle removed and sitting beside it

Finally - here is the open doily or frame

It is a bit fiddly getting all the small pieces out but just be patient - if you have trouble with the cutting it may be time to replace your blade. I hope you like this one and can find a place to use it. Take a careful look at this cartridge, there are a lot of intriguing possibilities beyond the hinges, tags and fasteners.

Fabulous Finds Doily


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