Friday, March 14, 2008

Large Pine Cone Frame (by request)

So, it is hard to please all of the people all of the time! There are some folks with the little bug and George and there are some with the Expression and Plantin Schoolbook. So here is one of the favorites from the recent baby bug frames adapted for the big bug and in a larger size.

If you remember the leaf frame (posted March 4th) - I have discovered that even though the file is set up to be perfectly symmetrical it does not seem possible to get the outer edges to come out at the design dimensions of 1/2 inch. I can't really explain this but the side of the mat that enters the machine and the top edge as you look at the mat on the screen have a bit extra added to them (5/8 inch) and the right side and lower edge come out a bit thinner (3/8 inch) - so, once again you will need to trim these edges slightly. The photos below show the four corners of the mat while the paper is still stuck to it.

Upper left corner

Upper right corner

Lower left corner

Lower right corner

Here is the full page before trimming - you can see that the left side and the top are slightly thicker. If the slight difference doesn't bother you, you could use it this way but I prefer to make the outer edges even.

Here is the frame after trimming - you can see the very narrow border of the background color

Here you can see the small strips that were taken off to make the outer edges even.

To remove this frame you need to be careful - I deliberately tried to make it rather open and airy so there are not as many areas attached to the inner frame. I use a old kitchen scraper (not sure where I got it) that has a very thin/sharp edge to remove the frame. Just take your time and it will be fine.

Here is a photo of the scraper - it is particularly helpful when there are lots of detailed cuts close together because it can lift them all at once, reducing the risk of tearing as you remove the cut.

Here you can see how thin the edge is - useful for getting under the paper smoothly.

I like the look of this on a natural beige background - could be useful for "outdoorsy" photos or camping layouts - not just for the holidays!

Enjoy using this one and I would appreciate it if you could leave a comment to let me know how you plan to use it (or post a photo of the layout to the Cricut Message Board). Thanks.

12 x12 Pine Cone Frame


  1. Just cut out the pine cone frame, it is awesome.TFS, not sure how I am going to use it yet.

  2. Wow, this is so pretty. I don't have the software yet, but I can save the cut file for when I do. thank you!!


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