Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fabulous Finds Snowflakes

It seems like the wrong season but believe it or not we have snow predicted for Friday morning! These snowflakes are some more of the things I designed while exploring my Fabulous Finds cartridge for some different ways to use it.

Here are close up photos of each snowflake - the solid flowers

The open flowers

the solid hearts

and the open hearts

These are very simple - just eight repeats of some of the tab designs positioned at equal angles around the center (overlapping the center holes as closely as possible). Six pieces would make a more accurate snowflake but I liked the look with eight better - a bit of poetic license calling them snowflakes!

Each snowflake has an extra cut circle centered on top of all the small circle cuts to make the final result symmetrical as you can see in this photo of the new circle and the overcuts of the small circles.

These are easiest to design from the center of the 12 x 12 mat but remember you can cut a smaller piece of paper and place it in the proper position as shown below - it should be about 6 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches and placed in the center of the mat as you can see here (no need to waste an entire sheet of 12 x 12 paper).

I used 3 inch tabs for these so they are just a bit big for the baby bug but you can easily duplicate this pattern with slightly smaller elements on the baby bug mat.

It is fun to layer the various snowflakes together and see how the designs change - here are some examples.

In this final example I actually "wove"them together by pulling every other flower through to the top above the hearts.

I think I may try cutting these in different colors and then layering to see how that looks! What variations will you come up with - I'd love to see them via comments or a post to the Cricut Message Board.

Fabulous Finds Snowflakes


  1. Thanks for the snowflakes. I always love to put snowflakes on all my things in the winter.


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