Monday, March 31, 2008

Scalloped Circles

Just a quick post - working on taxes (ugh!) but wanted to get this up for those who were asking for it. After I put up the scalloped border which is similar to a border punch, someone on the Cricut Message Board asked if anyone had done a scalloped circle similar to another punch. Since I had recently been "scalloping" I gave it a quick try.

My first attempt is on the left - this one had sixteen scallops around the circle. My tester said it worked fine but the punch she was thinking of had smaller/more scallops. So, back to the computer, a bit of math, and I designed another one with 24 scallops.

These are both done with George - when I get a chance I will do a Plantin Schoolbook version. If you don't have George and are in a hurry you can easily figure it out by looking at my George .cut file.

Apparently this punch costs over $20 - so the Cricut again shows how it can be well worth the initial investment! Now if I could only design it once, weld, group and resize! (maybe in the next version of the software). I put the two scallops on two different pages so you can cut only the one you need - once again - if only I could have moved the entire design at once rather than element by element it would have been so much faster!

I hope you can use this in your projects - I'd love to see what you make if you do use it!

Scalloped circles - 2.5 inches


  1. Thank you for not only creating us 1 scalloped circle but 2!!

    Tina Marie

  2. Thanks for sharing this file. I do not have the punch so this will be great.

  3. Thank you so very much! You're amazing & generous.


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