Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Alligator frame (more about the markers and frames)

Since I was not entirely happy with the results on the blue baby frame I decided to try the markers again but to do the outside of the frame as well - thinking that this might make the thick lines that fall with in the frame bars and are not cut less noticeable.

I had designed this little frame for our Florida vacation photos (there were alligators there - something we don't have up North!). So, I did the same thing that I did on the baby frame (see last post) - copying and pasting the interior elements on to a separate mat and "unchecking" the weld box.

First I used the original mat and the marker - the result looked like this (still in the machine).

Then I went to the second page - the mat with just the four alligators - and used the markers again, returning the mat to the "load paper" position to be sure the lines would be in exactly the same place.

Finally, I returned the mat to the "load paper" position again, removed the marker, inserted the blade and cut the first page of the design.

My first attempt at this did not include outlining the frame and it looked like this on the mat after cutting.

The little kitchen scraper was very handy again in removing this from the mat - just started with a new mat and it is sticky! Also this frame has only a few small "connectors" so it is a bit harder to remove.

Here is the first version with markers only on the alligators - something looks "off" to my eye.

Here is the "full marker" version.

And here are both versions side by side - I vote for the markers all around the frame if you use markers - I think the look is neater and helps distract from the thickness of the element lines that cross into the frame bars. Of course this might not be the most attractive example since the alligators mouth full of teeth turns totally black from all the marker work!

Alligator frame (with page for adding markers)

I think each design just takes some experimenting to get the best look. Have fun with this - if you do an alligator layout or card using this frame I'd love to see it!


  1. I really like the frame with the markers the best - I like the definition of it. I hope that cricut will come out with an update that will allow for the details to print when welding. I always end up with markers on my hands because of the thickness of them.

    Thank you so much for sharing so generously your talent and files while teaching us so much. You are truly appreciated.


  2. I really like how this turned out, it is so cute. I've been wondering about the markers but haven't done very much with them. It is good to learn more and not be afraid to try more experiments. Thank you for sharing.


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