Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Little Frames for Baby Bugs

Several people have commented that they love the frames I have been doing but couldn't cut them since they didn't have an Expression. I decided to take on the challenge of designing something similar that could be cut on the baby bug. Thanks to Suzanne for testing this size - she cut the pink frame on her baby bug and told me it came out just fine.

The pink frame is all George - it is a bit fiddly removing all of the pieces from the center and petals of the flowers but I like the final effect.

The pine cone frame uses George and Joys of the Season - this one is very easy to remove from the mat and to "clean up" by removing the offcuts - they are larger in size.

The next frame uses George and ZooBalloo and is a bit more delicate. When I first did a test cut I did not like the thick "bars" that were forming at the corners of the inner frames so I went back to work and readjusted the length . I think the second one is better but you may want to tweak it a bit more if you have the patience!

Here you can see the rejected version (on the left) and the second one - the difference is slight but I feel it improves the overall look of the frame.

The final and most delicate/frustrating of these is also George and Joys of the Season. Due to the limited amount of room to add the decorative elements in these frames, the garland is very small and there was a bit of tearing when I cut it (as you can see on the mat below) and it is also difficult to get the offcuts to come apart cleanly on the swirls.

I will put this file up but you need to be extremely careful to get all of the offcuts removed - you may want to try redesigning it a bit (I might but I have a few other things in the works right now).

For designing purposes it was easier for me to work from the center of the mat but you do not need to waste paper. Simply cut 6 x 6 inch squares and position them at the top but on the three inch line.

When you do this you will have only a very small edge of paper that is wasted (you can even cut these squares at the corners and save the strips to use on another project - if you are extremely frugal!).

I will be doing more of these but they are rather fiddly - it takes a lot of time to get the elements arranged attractively (and then there is always "burping" to be done to get the welds to take). I hope you enjoy using these in your projects

George Square Frame Hearts and Flowers

George Square Frame Pine Cone Garland

George Square Frame Vines

George Square Frame JOTS Garland


  1. Thank you so much for making these for the baby bug!! I love all of your work, and can't wait to try these frames.

  2. Cap, thanks for sharing these. I only do cards (no scrapbooks) so these will be great to fit on the front. They look really good.

  3. These are just great...thanks for sharing.

  4. Gorgeous! I'm truly impressed and can't wait to try them out.

    I thought DS had fixed the burping issue?


  5. Thanks so much for doing this and letting us share in your talents.


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