Friday, January 17, 2014

Valentine Sandwiches

Just a quick post today.  I wanted to share this idea for making party sandwiches.  All you need are two loaves of cocktail bread in contrasting colors and a cookie cutter.

Just cut a heart shape from one piece of dark bread and set it to one side.  Then cut a heart from the lighter shade of bread and pop it in to the hole in the dark bread.  If you set up a full cutting board of bread slices you can get into a rhythm and quickly cut and swap the center hearts.

Cocktail bread is dense and the slices are very uniform so the hearts stay in place just by friction.

When you add a filling (these have a cream cheese mixture with cucumber slices) the sandwiches stay together nicely and make a pretty platter.

We made these sandwiches for my brother's wedding celebration last summer.  You could use any shape that is fairly simple and fits in the small slice.  I think kids would like these!

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