Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fluffy Cotton Snow


We had snow again today - more snow than we  expected.  It came fast and furious in huge fluffy flakes.  I went to help my neighbor for a while shortly after it started and when I walked home the trees looked like they were covered with white cotton puffs.

I had my camera in my bag and (here's a snow photo tip) an umbrella to shelter the lens of the camera.  A big golf umbrella helps to keep both you and your camera dry and the handles are long so you can hold it by tucking the handle under your arm as you take photos.

Even the storm drains were getting snowed over - this caught my eye because it looked like a snow waffle!

This was a very wet snow and it was clinging in large clumps to the trees and bushes.

Almost all of the old snow was gone (except for a few piles from plowing - those are always the last to melt).  The trees in our backyard resemble a winter wonderland again.

Our total was somewhere around five or six inches.  I hope that things warm up so it will melt a little tomorrow - it's a lot to shovel!

We haven't taken the trees off the deck yet and they really held on to the snow.  So many of my color photos almost look like they are in black and white.

With a closer crop you can see all of the colorful light bulbs - and those huge clumps of snow caught on the branches!

I thought it was very interesting to see how the snow was clinging to the edge of the tomato cage.  There were small stalactites starting to form!

The snow reminded me of cotton candy and I couldn't resist editing the photo to change the house color to a bright summery pink!

We have red twigged dogwoods on either side of our front door.  I think that the bright red branches look so pretty when the leaves are gone.

Our little cat has a funny new habit.  She likes to sit in the center of this scratching pad and ball chasing toy.  Sometimes she plays with it or scratches but many times she just walks over and sits in the middle, surveying her new domain.  

I hope you are having a great weekend.  It is a long weekend for some people and we have a few projects to accomplish around the house.  After helping several family members downsize last year, we have decided to do a major sort through the house and clear out excess possessions - it should make things a little easier when we eventually do our own downsizing!  I do plan to squeeze in a little crafting too...

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  1. Your snow photos were beautiful. In Phila, Pa, we just had flurries, and nothing stuck to the trees. Dorabella seems to be settling in just fine! BethAnn M.

    1. Thanks Beth Ann. I grew up outside of Philadelphia (Bucks County) and the winters could be pretty bad but we usually get more dramatic winter weather up here in Boston. Dorabella is a little sweetie and does seem to be getting used to us!

  2. LOVELY photos Diane!! Absolutely gorgeous!! We live in Florida, so we don't get to see this beauty in person.

    1. Thanks Debby! Believe me, even though it is beautiful there are days when I'd much rather be in Florida!


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