Sunday, January 5, 2014

Little House Ornaments

Thanks so much for all of the Anniversary congratulations and comments.  I haven't had a chance to respond to everything yet but I will.  We had our family party Saturday and today I seem to have come down with a cold - sneezing, runny eyes and general aches and pains.  I will rest up and drink lots of tea and I hope to have this be just a short term thing.

I wanted to share the ornament that my mother-in-law made for this year.  She makes about fifty of these for all of the grandchildren, great nieces and nephews, a few friends and this year added the newest member of the family - great granddaughter Inge who was born in September.

A few years ago, I shared this photo of six of the ornaments from over the years - our younger son reassembled them into a ornament person!

She started making the ornaments in 1998 and, with the move from their house to a condo this year, there wasn't a lot of time to get them ready.  I helped her by die cutting all of the felt pieces so they would be ready to embroider the names on the back and sew together.

We used my Big Shot and the Tim Holtz Movers and Shapers Artful Dwellings for the house shape and cut the door and window with the Mini Openings set.  The heart at the top is from the mini Love Struck set.  There are three layers, the blue top with the openings and a solid red for the center and solid blue for the back.  Then names and the date are embroidered on the back of each ornament.

I have been making .png files of the ornaments so I can use them for digital scrapping projects - here is one from an earlier year. 

I started writing this early in the day and didn't get to post it until late - so I am a little off the usual schedule.  Fingers crossed that a good night's sleep and some cold medicine will have me back to normal soon...  Please stay inside safe and warm if you are in the areas affected by the extreme cold - it is dangerous out there!

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  1. I have been making ornaments for my grandchildren for the last 16 years. Thankfully I only have 7, and then make one for myself and my daughter, whose children left home and took all their ornaments. I can't imagine making 50 of anything.


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