Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Special Addition at Our House

Ever since Jelly the cat went back home to live in California with our son and daughter-in-law there has been a "cat-size hole" in our house.  (If you haven't been reading the blog very long, you may not know that Jelly stayed with us for almost a year while Will and Kelly were in Spain).

After many hints from my husband and sons and a fair bit of "casual" browsing of cat adoption websites we went to an open house "just to look."  Well, you can imagine what happened...

We couldn't resist this little sweetheart.  Her name is up in the air for a few days.  She had been called Jewel, and then Madeline (which is a cute name) but we are thinking of calling her Dora because she has already shown that she is an explorer.

We had some plans so had to leave her for a few hours and when we came back to pick her up this little sign was on the door of the cage.

They advised us to keep her mostly in one room for a couple of days so she can adjust to her new circumstances.  So she is hanging out in the laundry room right now and enjoying the heated tiles.

We did give her a small tour of the house.  We meant for her to see the main floor but she is a curious little cat and found her way to the top of the attic stairs.  So it looks like we will be getting back into the habit of keeping most of the doors closed and then will gradually expand the areas she can explore.

I am not sure what she is doing here - I didn't realize how odd her position was until I was editing these first photos.

Some of these are cell phone photos and she moves pretty quickly so between the low light and some motion blur the pictures are a little fuzzy.

She has very pretty markings and we really like the pointed oval centered between her ears.  She is about two years old and on the small side.  Her feet seem big to me.  I wonder if with a proper home and regular feeding she'll grow a bit bigger.

She is very affectionate and I think she will be a purring lap warmer - just like Jelly.

So...Jewel...Madeline...Dora  - any name suggestions?  Just leave a comment below if you have a great idea for her name - thanks!

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  1. Oh I think Dora suits her great! She is a cutie and I know you will be attached to that cute face in a flash. I love the picture of her on the heated tiles. They are just so entertaining. Keep us updated on her progress. Thanks

  2. Let her explore, she'll be fine, spoken as a lifelong cat owner. She looks like my two. Congrats

  3. First thing I noticed were her beautiful markings. She reminds me of my cat Kristal (RIP). I like Jewel or Madeline. Dora is too hard to shorten to a nickname. Whatever you decide, she is a sweetheart!

  4. What a beautiful cat. I'm sure you will come up with the perfect name for her.

    When choosing a cat name, keep in mind you can:

    Find names that match your cat's personality

    Give your cat a name that reflects, and is possibly related, to your own interests or hobbies

    Pick several favorites and try them out on your new cat or kitten

    Call names out loud and see if your cat responds to any of them - or at least looks at you!

    Cats tend to respond better to one and two syllable words

    Princess, Patches,Angel,Whiskers, Baby

  5. She reminds me so of our "Pumpkin". Yes, no orange color but we decided the name fit and she comes to it. I can't image our home without cats. We have two indoor now. We had 3 but had to put one down after 15 years. We miss him dearly. We live close to a main highway so a few show up at our door. The keep down mice and voles in the woods so I think they deserve a bowl of food a day and I find homes for some.

  6. What a sweet cat, we have a Bella which looks like Dora. Thank you for giving her a home.

  7. Awwww! It totally warms my heart when someone opens their home and heart to a fur baby that is needing a forever home! All 4 of my fur babies are rescued (one was rescued from the deplorable conditions of a puppy mill were she spent more than 10 years being abused!)
    We recently lost our kitty Oreo, if he had lived a few more weeks we would have celebrated his 20th birthday!
    Jewel, Madeline and Dora are all cute names....Dora is stronger because of how she loves exploring...
    Before I started reading I first thought "Snickers!" She has colorings that remind me of my favorite candy and she seems to be, "as sweet as that name."
    I personally have a Snickers and I have never regretted naming her that. AND she is "As sweet as her name!"
    What ever you and your family decides, I'm sure if will be perfect!

  8. I really like Madeline, shortened to Maddie. She is a sweetie!! Her markings are so unique! I'm sure you will thoroughly enjoy her for years!! I think that name fits, its very feminine and with her being a bit smaller and dainty it just seems to fit!

  9. Congratulations on adopting a kitty and bringing her home to her furrever home. I like the name Jewel as it looks like she has a diamond on her forehead.

  10. Yep ... I think Dora fits her. After all, she is a-DORA-ble! It looks like Dora has adopted a wonderful family (and visa versa).


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