Saturday, September 8, 2012

The last rose of Summer

The garden starts to change at this time of year.  I haven't shared garden photos lately so I have just a few to post.  I took time today to work on some special projects in the morning.  We had some plans for the afternoon and had to duck a few raindrops but we still had fun.

The clematis vine is going dormant - there haven't been any flowers for quite a while now.

This is how it looked earlier this summer.

The hydrangeas on the right side were white earlier this year.

They have now turned this dark purple color - still pretty but very different.

There is a lot of this pink sedum in the flower beds along the hillside.  The large flower above is actually made up of lots and lots of tiny flowers.

This rose bush was given to me for a special birthday a few years ago.  I noticed this one lovely rose is still blooming as it was peeking around the corner of the garage.

I did a lot more sorting in the craft room and I feel like I am making progress but it is slow going!  As I was putting things in new places, I saw some special shimmer cardstock and decided to make a card.

I'll post the card later on Sunday - here is a sneak peek close-up...

I hope you are having a great weekend!

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