Saturday, September 15, 2012

Design Inspiration from Italy

I have been making some progress on my plans to sort out my digital photo files and do some scrapbook pages.  The first step in the process is to review and edit photos to get them ready to print (or to use in digital pages).

I decided to start on a group of photos from our trip to Italy a couple of years ago.  I realized as I was working my way through the files that I take many photos that are meant to be used for design inspiration.  I thought I'd share some images from a church in Lucca.  Many of these are drastic crops of photos so the clarity isn't perfect but they serve as good references for future projects.

I liked the swirling floral border on this medallion but it was very high above me when I took the photo.

Here is the original photo...

...and a closer view of the top section - notice the chevron border at the very top.

Chevron designs are so popular now - everything old becomes new again!

Here is a circular version of the chevron design.

This alternating floral border is also quite lovely.

These simple designs would be nice borders for cards or pages.

My favorites tend to be the geometric designs, whether they are square...

...or circular.  There are more chevrons here - like washi tape, they are everywhere in the crafting world recently.  I wonder what old design will be the next "new" trend!

I hope you are having a great weekend - the weather is fabulous here and we took some time to go out and enjoy it today!

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  1. Your so organized. Love the shots. When I was younger I use to take pictures. Like yours with my 110 instant camera. I also had a huge book filled with architect drawings. I use ti Color the detailed art. What Id give to have all that stuff now.
    some day Ill be organized again. Since Ive been sick everything is in a uproar. I enjoy your art work. Keep it commingled.

  2. You have such an eye--and so many wonderful ideas. My mind boggles...


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