Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spotted at Ikea

Last week, I needed to drive my husband to work for a few days after his accident.  It didn't make any sense to drive home again since he was only going to work part of the day so one day I took a field trip to the Ikea store which is only 15 or 20 minutes from his office.

It is very easy to get "lost" in time while you are in Ikea.  I like to follow the path and check out all of the displays.  I saw this butterfly art in the frame department and thought that it would be easy to make something similar with my die cutting machines.

As with most things you see at Ikea, the price seemed very reasonable I imagine that just buying the shadowbox frame would cost more than this at most stores.  I always keep an eye out for frames at church sales and thrift stores where you can find some great deals.

My favorite find of the day was this shelf which attaches to a desk or table with clamps.  I thought it would work with the table I have in my craftroom (though I wasn't exactly sure of the measurements) so I bought the shelf and three brackets and brought them home.  The were an exact match in length so my plan could be put into action.

Even though his fingers were still in splints, my husband was able to help me with the brackets (I gave him a limited license to use power tools again!). 

I'll show you the result as soon as I get a chance to take a few more photos.  I have made some progress in the reorganization and I hope to finish things up this weekend.

One other thing that caught my eye was the beautiful blue lining in these mugs.  It reminded me of the mug we just gave our younger son for his birthday (you can check it out HERE on Etsy).

My husband's hand injury is improving.  On Wednesday he saw a specialist  who removed the stitches and said that things are healing nicely.  We had to go to a different hospital much farther away so I didn't get any crafting time.  I did do some shopping in the morning and found some fun Halloween things that  you'll be seeing soon.

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  1. I think I need an ikea shopping trip soon myself! Do you remember the price on the table shelf? I think I might need one!

  2. I love Ikea, too. Unfortunately the closest one to me is 2 hours away. It is only a short drive from my son's and the last time I was down there taking care of two of my grandkids, I talked the girls(13 at the time) into going with me. Have to start them young. lol


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