Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School and a Surprise in the Mail

I got a nice surprise in the mail on Tuesday.  Quite a while ago, I read about the "Fiskateers" and filled in an online form to join the site.  For years, I have used and liked my Fiskars scissors and other tools.  The site has a message board, project gallery, blog and lots of inspiration.  I don't remember when I filled in the form but I had totally forgotten about it.  Yesterday, a box arrived with this pair of scissors and a welcome note for joining the Fiskateers.

Every Fiskateer is assigned a number and the number is etched into the free pair of scissors that they send you for joining.  I love that the handles are two different colors!

Are you a Fiskateer?  I don't know how active I'll be on the message board but I had a look around and there were lots of interesting threads and some great projects in the galleries.  (And I think the name "fiskateer" is very clever!).

If you want to join the Fiskateers, click HERE to go to the sign up page on the site.  Then you can be surprised someday by a package...

the photo lineup on the first day of school
Yesterday was the first day of school in our town and, despite some rainy weather, we had the traditional send off "breakfast at the bus."  There are suddenly lots of elementary school age children on our street as several houses have changed hands.

My little neighbors were very excited to be heading to school.  Cailean will be in third grade and upstairs on the second floor with the older grades this year (kind of a big deal) and Ewen is just starting Kindergarten.

Once the bus pulls up there is another flurry of picture taking and everyone is watching out to make sure none of the younger, not-quite-school-age kids end up taking a ride.

Emma had a great time with her umbrella while we were waiting.   I snapped a few photos since she seemed to be in the mood to pose.

It was a dull sky so the flash on this photo was a good choice.  

I thought I'd show you the original photo so you could see what a difference, cropping, color correcting and cloning out the silver umbrella post makes - all very easily done with the Creative Memories Memory Manager program.

I didn't get much organizing done in my craftroom today - I ended up going out for a while with my neighbor (and buying more paper - yikes!).  If you have a "Tuesday Morning" shop nearby, check out the packs of 25 sheets of paper and cardstock for just $1.99.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I got my scissors from Fiskateers yesterday! It was very exciting to get a surprise. I am going to have to check out their message board and give them a big THANKS for the surprise.

  2. Emma is a real cutie, and the more I see what you can do with Memory Manager, the more I think I need to buy it. hmmmm

  3. I got the same package in my mail box yesterday. I love the scissors and thought the burlap sack would be fun to decorate.

    Looks like a good first day.

  4. How cute the breakfast at the bus idea is! You're sure not to have an empty nest syndrome with all your adorable neighbors!

  5. I'm glad you like your surprize package. I too, love that the Fiskateer scissors have unique handle colors. We are so glad you are joining the fun and I hope you find inspiration on the Fiskateer boards the way I find inspiration here every day.

    Great pictures of Emma and the breakfast send off sounds like a fun way to start the school year.


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