Friday, August 31, 2012

Something New from Dover Publishing

I have written about Dover Publishing fairly often in the past since I frequently use images from their free samples or from books that I have purchased.  I received an email from Dover announcing a new way to buy their royalty free artwork.

Dover Pictura will sell books (full collections of images) or a single page from a book (an "image sheet").   Instead of shipping the book and/or CD you now have the option to buy content as digital downloads.  The prices are significantly lower than the prices for the books and CDs, you have access to your purchases right away and there is no shipping.  Once you purchase an image or collection, you have unlimited downloads and can use it on any of your devices (you must be a registered user - guest user links expire after 48 hours).

When you register as a new user on the site, you will get a confirming email with a code that will allow you to download three images sheets for free.  I chose the butterflies at the top of this post and I am still deciding on my other two free downloads.  I have a plan for the butterflies - maybe I'll have time to work with them this weekend...

Did you see the Blue Moon?  We won't have another one until July 31, 2015!

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