Saturday, August 25, 2012

One thing leads to another...

While figuring out where to put my great new shelving from Freecycle, I realized that there was only one spot that would work.  This meant emptying out a huge set of cubbyholes and moving it to the other room.  The wall behind the cubbyholes had not been painted (because it was such a big piece and very full of stuff!).

So...Saturday was painting and moving day.  I painted the wall and then decided that I really needed to paint the area on the other side of the door and had to move out three more bookcases - one thing really does lead to another -and all started by a free shelving unit.

My craft area is in our walk out lower level.  There were two finished room when we bought the house but the painting seems to be just a primer.  I had painted most of the main room a couple of years ago but just couldn't face moving everything to get behind the biggest pieces of furniture.  Here is the first wall when I started...

...and here it is after the first coat.  The color is called "Chai" and we have used it in other rooms in our house.  I finished two coats on the walls and then did all of the trim (Navajo White).

We had dinner with friends (and another birthday celebration) and when we got home the paint was dry and the shelves could be put in place.   They just fit in this spot.  I had measured but I didn't realize that the short wall is a bit crooked so my number was about an inch off.  Each of the 12 spots will hold four of the Iris project cases - I can't wait to fill it up!

I still have lots of work to do to get things back into place and reorganized.  I'll definitely be doing some purging to get rid of things I no longer need (old Creative Memories catalogs, bits and pieces that I have saved that I "might" be able to use or alter and lots of scrap paper that my little friends up the street will be happy to play with).

While I was moving things around, I found these stamps that I bought at the flea market in Wellfleet last month.  The dealer thought that had been used for making store ads.  There was an odd assortment of words and I settled on "opera" and "kangaroo" to bring home.  (I wanted to get three but she wouldn't make me a deal so I got stubborn and just bought these two).

The stamp surface is old and rather brittle but I did manage to get an image.  I may use these on a collage or some altered art or I may just display the stamps in a shadow box.  I wonder if there is an opera that has a kangaroo in the story?

Design Studio updates on

I had a phone call from a friend who was looking for the links to update the Cricut Design Studio.  When they redid the website, the entire section where the updates used to be found disappeared (I wonder how many of my blog posts that talk about the updates have links that just go nowhere now... ).

The Design Studio program has not been updated since May of 2010 but there are content updates for new cartridges.  If you haven't updated and you are looking for the download links, you can click HERE to go to a post on the Cricut message board with temporary links.

Reminder - The Creative Memories End of Summer Sale will be over on Monday, August  27th at 10 p.m. Central Time.  You can read more details about the sale on my post HERE and if you don't have a consultant and would like to shop with me online for delivery direct to your home click HERE to go to my CM Personal Website.

I hope you are having a great weekend.  If you are in the areas where the tropical storm/hurricane is headed please be careful!

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