Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Old Friends and a "find" at Costco

We have lived in many places, sometimes for just a year or two.  When our boys were younger, we spent nearly three years living in Germany and then we moved and spent another five years in England.  When you move a lot, you are constantly meeting new people and saying goodbye to old friends.  This can be hard, but sometimes you do manage to keep in touch with people long after your paths have parted.

Today, our friends from Italy were in town and we had a brief but wonderful visit.  They did some sight seeing in town and I cooked lots of favorite dishes for dinner.  It is always fun to see how the children have grown up - it is hard to believe that the years go by so quickly.

Their daughter is attending college nearby and is just starting her second year so we hope to meet up at least once each year while she is here.  

I bought many of the foods we had for dinner at Costco.  While I was shopping I saw that some of the holiday items are already on display.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember that I went to the PaperWorld trade show in Germany last January (you'll find a blog post about it HERE).  The ChristmasWorld show was at the same time and I really liked these floral LED light trees (but of course it was not possible to bring one home with me!).

While I was shopping for our dinner, I saw this smaller (but still 7 feet tall) version of the tree.  Dangerously tempting...

The tree is very beautiful - but the price is rather high (and I really don't have a spot for yet another tree).  Still...I may have to see if I can find a space (and some cash!).

You never know what you'll see in the "seasonal" area at Costco.  I have learned over the years to pick up the things I like even if it is far ahead of season because once they are gone, they may never return.  I wonder if I can convince my husband that we "need" another tree?

Thanks again for all of the thoughts and prayers.  My husband's injured  fingers are starting to heal and the stitches will come out in a week.  He'll need to keep the splints on for a while to protect the cracked fingertips - so it will be a while until everything is back to normal.

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  1. Getting to see old friends is always so much fun. My Sil is always telling me about her Costco finds. She lives in Memphis and they have one. I live about 100 miles away so it is not easy for me to see all the neat things.


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