Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paper and Stitching - a great combination!

Happy Saturday!  I hope you are having a great weekend.  I just have some quick inspiration to share with you today.While we were in upstate New York for the family reunion, I did a quick internet search to find any nearby scrapbook/stamping shops.  There was one located in Victor, New York which was "sort of" on the way to the picnic!

We only had time for a quick stop at The Village Scrapbooker.  The store was small with a nice assortment of paper crafting products.  They do regular classes and events.  I bought some paper and some cute Kaisercraft wooden flourishes (teapots and cups - watch for them to appear soon...).  If you live in the Rochester area, you'll find the shop at 39 East Main Street in Victor - click the link above to check on their hours.  You can also find their Facebook page HERE.

Photo from The Village Scrapbooker, used with permission

While I was in the store, I saw a display of post it note pads with cut and stitched covers.  I really liked the designs and the intricacy of the stitching and I bought the one with a dragonfly.  The artist who makes these is Stefani Tadio. 

Photo from The Village Scrapbooker, used with permission

Stefani's business is called Pine Tree Designs and she even stitches her business cards!  You can find here Pine Tree Designs website HERE and her Facebook page is HERE (there are a lot more photos of lovely things to be found in both places).

The images are made of several layers of cardstock and the delicate stitching and beads are so very pretty.  Some of her work involves spirelli designs (I've written about these several times and have designed some shapes to use for spirelli, my favorite travel project - when I'm not driving!).

these are some of the spirelli medallions that I made a couple of years the photo to go to the post explaining how these are done.

I was very inspired by Stefani's designs and even more so by the many projects she shows on her website.  I believe she uses a KNK Groove-E machine to create the paper templates for stitching.  This machine can punch holes...something else to add to the wish list...

If you have a chance, be sure to visit Stefani's website to see more of her work.  I think you'll like it!  She also has a blog HERE with older posts (she has combined things into one site).  Be sure to leave her a comment or two - you can tell her I sent you.

Have you ever made anything like this?  I remember that when I got my first Cricut, there was a Cricut Message Board member who designed intricate card stitching patterns but she moved on to another machine - I think it was the Pazzles.

Have a wonderful weekend - do something crafty if you can!

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  1. Hello Diane! I hope you are having a lovely day. The pictures you take are always perfect and Stefani's creations are beautiful. All honestly, this comes fallen from heaven to me, earlier today I was checking your post on the Spirelli technique, I have not tried it before. In the past - before my blogging expirience- I incorporated X stitching onto my cards as I wanted to add some of the more personalized touch, stitching brings to any craft, this post just got my brain going again, thank you for sharing!


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