Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Memory Manager 4.0 Upgrade

I have been getting calls and messages from people who are interested in the new upgrade to Creative Memories Memory Manager program.  The new version will be 4.0.  If you already have Memory Manager 3.0, you will be able to upgrade to the new version.  If you have an earlier version but never upgraded to 3.0, you will need to buy the new full program.

The downloads for both the full program and the upgrade from 3.0 are supposed to be available on September 1st (Saturday).  I'll post links as soon as they are available.  You can read more about the program HERE on my Creative Memories personal website.  There is an introductory video HERE.  The new version has facial recognition for tagging your photos and  one click enhancement using Perfectly Clear™ by Athentech Imaging.

If you want to get a head start on learning the features of the Memory Manager 4.0 program, there are already ten training videos on the Creative Memories You Tube Channel HERE.

I'll need to drive my husband to appointments and work for the next couple of days but I do intend to get back to the craftroom as soon as possible - it is in a state of chaos since I had moved everything off the shelves to shift things around just before he had the accident.  Thanks again for all of the messages, prayers and good wishes for a speedy recovery - his stitches come out next week.

I hope that you have some nice plans for the upcoming Labor Day weekend holiday - I think things will be pretty quiet for us.  No more home improvement projects for the time being! 

(The image at the top of this post has nothing to do with Memory Manager - it is just a layered doily design for the Sihouette that I haven't had a chance to test cut yet). 

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  1. Hi Diane, Thanks for the heads up about Mem Manager update. I will scope it out. I hope your husband heals up quickly. Hope you find a way to enjoy the extra time together :)
    Have a great Labor Day is supposed to rain here, but that will be great! Marilyn

  2. Blogger messed up my comments yesterday so you probably didn't get my message wishing your husband well. Home accidents are so scary. I think my husband has had every kind there is! We've spend hours in the ER over the years. Once the stitches are out he'll start healing faster. Best wishes.

  3. Hi Diane,

    Sure glad your husband's accident wasn't any worse. Sounds like he is healing well.

    Thanks so much for all you share with us of yourself and your creations. Also for the heads up on company updates.

    Enjoy the "down" time, as you will probably be crazy busy putting your rooms back together when he is healed.

    Take care,
    Jane K.

  4. I dont know if I goofed or not. I had SB creator 4.0.
    then I just bought the SB creator 4.0 upgrade???
    I think it was memory manager I needed. I did throw out my receipt and box.
    Please advise...


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