Monday, August 13, 2012

Birthdays, Birthdays and more Birthdays!

We had a  very busy weekend with more birthday celebrations on Sunday.  My husband and our two sons all have birthdays within four days and it always gets a little crazy for us.  In addition to our immediate family birthdays, my mother-in-law, brother-in-law and great-nephew have birthdays just a few days earlier.  I wonder how many families have these "bunches" of birthdays.

I experimented a bit in trying to get a clear photo of the birthday cake with 23 (plus one for good luck) candles.  I turned off my flash and braced my elbows on the table - and this is the result.  A tripod would make a difference but sometimes you just have to be a human tripod!

The light of the candles is very bright so you can actually take  the photo in the dark.   Here he is just starting to blow out the candles...

This photo is funny - some of the candles had been blown out and it looks like the room would be filled with smoke.  The camera captures things that we don't really see in the moment.

I'll be off on another trip on Tuesday - headed to Pennsylvania to see my Dad and stopping first at my sister's in New Jersey.  I'll catch up on blog posts when I get there (and I'll tell you all about this Happy Birthday banner...).

I hope that soon things will get back into some sort of routine (at least life is never dull around here!).

Is anybody else feeling a little lost with no Olympics to watch?

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  1. no olympics for me except.... when 10 y/o Grand daughter was here then we watched the swimming. She has won blue ribbons already. But she has been swimming since she was about twoor three.
    I don't watch much TV.
    Happy Birthday to your Sons and Husband Diane. We just went through that in June and again at the middle of Sept. To the middle of Oct. Two of my Geand babies birthdays are Oct2 and Oct 6 My Sons is Sept.26 and DIL is 2 weeks later on Oct.10. That is all in two weeks. Then I have other family members birthday in there also.

  2. Good morning, Diane. We ARE definitely missing the Olympics and all of the fantastic athletes. WOW!
    Love your photos! We have bunches of birthdays in January and in June… hard to keep up with all of them.

    Have a safe journey. Cannot wait to learn about the Happy Birthday banner...

  3. My husband and I are really having Olympic's withdrawal. All of those great young athletes made us so proud and England sure put on a fantastic event.

  4. I enjoyed the Olympics but am glad I don't feel the rush to get home and "have" to watch!

    My family on my mom's side has a lot of bdays in January. My grandma's was the 9th, Mom's is the 8th, my brother (who is 3 years older than me) and I have bdays on the 18th and my uncle has his on the 17th. April must've been a frisky time on the farm :)


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