Saturday, May 12, 2012

Time for 12 on the Twelfth

Happy Saturday!  For all of you who are doing "12 on the 12th in 2012" - today is the day to take those photos.  If  you are an email subscriber, you may have two posts in this message as I am trying to get back to the usual schedule.

I had great intentions but I haven't been able to keep up with all of the chronological projects I thought about doing this year.  I do need to get my photo organization back up to date, so I am spending time purging all of the images that are redundant and saving only the final versions from my project posts.  It's a big job - I have 2 memory vaults and one has about 40,000 and the other has about 60,000 images.  I know that there are many I can delete so I am trying to do a few hundred or more each day.

I will do better going forward and be sure to delete excess images as soon as possible.  In the meanwhile, I keep plugging away - "one brick at a time" (if you know the musical "Barnum" you will recognize that song!).

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I'm planning ("Lord willing and the creek don't rise") to start the scrapbooking challenge next week so get your photos ready!

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  1. I just wanted you to know that I had a great big wonderful flashback while reading this post when I got to this part:
    ("Lord willing and the creek don't rise")
    This phrase is so meaningful to me especially since it's Mother's Day because for my entire life I've only heard one person say this, MY Mother! Well, now two, you and my Mother! lol It was one of many things she would say to us growing up that as kids we had absolutely NO. IDEA. WHAT. SHE. MEANT! Now that we're all grown up it's different and I for one appreciate those endearing expressions. Mom is 92 and still going strong and still using her God willing and the creek don't rise but since we live in a different city I don't hear her "Annie-isms" like I used to. So thank you, Diane, for taking me back to a good place in life - me and my Mom! Happy Mother's Day and God Bless you!


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