Thursday, May 17, 2012

Colorful Chalk Images

I try to have a camera with me all of the time because you never know what interesting things you will see.  My main problem is that I take lots and lots of photos and don't always get around to editing and sharing them (and deleting the "also rans").  I have been trying to clean up my Memory Vault by deleting bad photos and repetitive photos.  When I have a few minutes or half an hour, I choose a month from an earlier year and work on getting the number of images down to a reasonable amount.

I came across some photos from May 2010 of chalk drawings on a picnic table and patio at our younger son's college.  I think drawing with chalk on the pavement is one of those universally fun experiences that people of all ages enjoy.  I am reminded of the scene in Mary Poppins where the characters jumped into the pictures and had all sorts of adventures and the wonderful chalk art that you see sometimes in cities.

Something about the impermanence of the images (it could rain at any moment) makes the creation more exciting.  Since you know it won't last forever, you might take risks or experiment in ways you wouldn't try in a more permanent medium.

The blending on this set of squares reminds me of some of the inking techniques I've been trying.  The gentle gradations on the right side are much more soothing than the stripes on the left side.  It is important to have a range of colors that work well together to create a blend for the smoother effect - I think there are six or seven shades in the pink square. 

Do you have any chalk sitting around at your house?  Why not go out and play a little!  I am not sure if we still have any sidewalk chalk but I may have to find some and have a go at creating a little outdoor art.  I hope you have a wonderful day - our weather is supposed to be very nice right through the weekend.

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  1. Those are cool pics. I have a 9yr old and 5 yr old, so I always have sidewalk chalk (plus I have a home daycare lol) I can't stand the way chalk feels on my hands, but might be worth it to try something fun like those:)

  2. We are retired and live on a street with over 40 kids. We always have chalk in our garage where the kids know they can grab it and start drawing. To me there is nothing as pretty as a little kids picture they made for me in chalk. They sometimes fill the whole cul de sac with pictures. We are so blessed to have this art. Since it rains so much in Washington, we don't have it for long!

  3. That is so cool! Love that your camera was able to capture such vivid colors!

  4. Sidewalk chalk is one of my favorite kids gifts! Not so sure it their parents however! But WE sure enjoy it! Great pics!

  5. Great idea, like always! I am very much impressed with your work..


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