Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day and new "Be Young" cartridge

Happy May Day!  Did you leave a basket of flowers or sweets on anyone's doorstep? Will you be dancing around a Maypole or going "a'Maying" like Queen Guinivere in Camelot?

When we lived in Germany, our small village was quite good at putting on festivals.  For May Day, they raised an enormous "Maibaum" (literally, May Tree - similar to a telephone pole) and decorated it with ribbons.  There was a wreath suspended from the top and shields for the trade guilds arranged along the sides.  Crowds would gather to watch the engineering involved in hoisting the tree to standing position and adding the decorations.  Food and drink stations were set up in the castle square for a "Hocketse" and a good time was had by all!

The photo at the top of this post is from 1995, our last year in Germany.  It was drizzling rain but the festival went on as planned.   I took a couple of quick photos of these ornaments to show you the style of the Maibaum.

I have been preoccupied with my Dad's health and I didn't get a chance to pull out more photos. Writing about this tradition has motivated me to track down the rest of the original photos (this was the only one I had scanned).  I do have most of our prints organized chronologically in boxes so I should be able to share a few more photos later this week - maybe I'll even get a layout or two put together!
In other news...

There is a new Creative Memories Cricut cartridge which is available to purchase on the websites beginning today.  It is called "Be Young" and you can find it, along with all of the other cartridges on my Creative Memories personal website HERE.

I've had several requests to post the images on this cartridge.  I have not received mine yet, but I do have some images from the mini catalog.  If you go to the Be Young description page (click HERE) you will find a link to view the "cut book" with the images and fonts on the cartridge.

This cartridge definitely has a "young" look - a very sketchy, doodling style that would be good for tweens.  The colors used for the illustrations are odd once again - you need to use some imagination to see these in pretty, girly colors.  There are quite a few expressions like "LOL" and "OMG" and some frames and borders.

What do you think of this cartridge?

Do you have any special traditions for May Day?

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  1. OMG! I LOVE it! Getting passed the colors, I see lots that I would use. Hope your Dad is good. Thanks for sharing the new cartridge and photos.

  2. thanks for posting pics of the new cart.

  3. Interesting card. There's ages images I like. My granddaughter always says omg. The way she says it is a riot. Will want this cart in the near future as my grand kidsgrow.

  4. I showed Kathryn and Scott the "cute picture of Scott." They didn't figure out that it wasn't Scott until I told them. If not for the many years between them, these boys could be "identical cousins."

  5. Great pictures. That cartridge looks great when you have tweens/teens in the house!

  6. wow! I don't like this cartridge at all - maybe because I don't have tweens - but I think it's too cartoonish and hand drawn looking. This is the first CM cartridge I don't like, but I'm sure it appeals to many people. Thanks for sharing.


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