Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sparkly Medallions from the Art Show

I took down the Art Space Exhibit last week and now I have a new problem.  Our house is already full of lots of framed paintings and artwork and I have to figure out where to put 28 more framed pieces!  I think I am going to make a gallery in the stairwell going down to my craft space on the lower level.  Of course, I'll need to paint the walls first which is a little tricky in a stairwell. 

Things have been so busy here that I haven't even had a chance to take out the pieces and do new photographs.  After the "Weekend with Tim" I'll have to get to work on that...  In the meanwhile, I do have a few photos to share of some lacy medallions I designed.  These are all cut in the same glitter paper I used for the ultra thin pieces I shared last week (click HERE to go to that post).  As usual, one thing leads to another!

This medallion is only 3 1/2 inches in diameter.  I like to make tiny designs but I had to work large for the exhibit to make items that would fill the walls.  Now I can try turning these files into more cobweb laces by shrinking them and thinning the lines as much as possible.

The third piece in this set has both a loopy outer design in silver and a more spiky inner design in gold.  The frames for these pieces were inexpensive ones from Costco that came in a set.  I spray painted the frames with gold paint and mounted the cuts on textured watercolor paper.

The three pieces shared a section of the wall next to the elevator.  The lights in the space made the glitter paper sparkle nicely (but also made a lot of glare on the glass).

Our younger son has managed to find a full time "real"  job and an apartment in the last week so we will soon be true empty-nesters again.  The next couple weeks will involve lots of planning and reorganizing of furnishings as he prepares to move into the new place. 

I hope to find a few free moments to get the simple page scrapbook challenge set up.  I expect to post it by the end of the week.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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  1. Love love love your sparkly medallions! So intricately stunning.

    Congrats to your son for landing a job - yippee! He must be very excited!

  2. These are beautiful Diane. Your work and attention to detail is incredible. I'm sure that your stairwell will look great!

  3. Such wonderful pieces - they are beautiful works of art!


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