Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rose card with Dover sample image

I want to remind you once again about the great books and CDs available at Dover Publications.  They have marvelous collections at reasonable prices and if you sign up HERE they will email you some links for free samples every week.   Dover has a lot of books on Spring Clearance right now - if you find some that suit your style they can be a great resource.  ( I have no affiliation with Dover - I just find lots of neat things there!).

Many of the sample images are easy to convert into cutting files in the Sihouette Studio software.  This rose image was one of the samples quite a while ago.  It is from the book "Floral Stencil Designs"

You can preview the images in many of the books on the Dover site.  Many of them come with a CD containing the images so they are easy to import to create a file.

 I used the stencil image to create a card with a design cut out on the front.  Since the design is a stencil, it was easy to incorporate into the card.  I also used the offset function to create additional full motifs for cutting (in red above).

The design cut very nicely on my test cut.  All of the inner pieces stayed on the mat and I could use this secondary design for another card by lifting it with transfer tape, adding adhesive and placing it on the front panel.

This design will work either horizontally or vertically.  You could flip the image to place the rose cluster on the left side if you prefer that look.

This card has been sitting in my "experiment" stack for a while - I think it is time to finish it with some embellishing and a sentiment!

Please let me know if you have any questions about how to do this in the Silhouette software.

Things don't show any signs of slowing down around here.  I took down the art show but everything is still in my car.  I spent a lot of the day driving around delivering people to various places and we had an event to attend in the evening so all of the framed pieces are just riding around in the car.  We've gone in to Boston for events two weeks in a row - great times but I am wishing for a quiet day in my craft room.

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  1. Diane, I think this is such a beautiful card, but yes, could you walk us through how to make it and then also let us see the cut settings, etc. on your silhouette? Thank you for your continued inspirations and the time you devote to sharing things with us!!!

  2. Very lovely! It is easy to see you enjoy not only the cuts but the process of creating them.

  3. This is beautiful, Diane! You are so ceative and I love seeing what you come up with in every post. Thanks for sharing so many creative ideas with us.

  4. Beautiful work as always. What a delicate design.

    Dianne Bell -

  5. Thank you for the info. I have finally started using my Cameo and am THRILLED with it!


  6. This is a beautiful card! I am looking forward to getting a Silhouette Cameo machine and it's great to see things you can do with it. I did subscribe to the Dover email several months ago, but will have to pay better attention. I didn't see this lovely floral stencil book. I may have to purchase it!

  7. Beautiful design! It's wonderful to see the intricate pieces cut so well and clever use of both the positive and negative pieces. Thanks for sharing, Diane!

  8. It makes a lovely card all by itself. Thanks for sharing. I love Dover books!!

  9. I didn't know you could use transfer tape on paper! Do you have a particular brand you recommend?

  10. I'm late in reading my mail so I'm jumbimg around and reading....beautiful cut..and as far as the frames still in your car...I'll unload your car for wall are bare...LOL
    busy is good right????
    I subscribed to dovers and they have some really great samples to download...thanks for the tip


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