Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Everyday Inspiration at the Coffee Shop

Just a super quick post today - lots going on here.  I was looking for the photos I want to print for the scrapbook challenge and found a few photos I took last fall at a coffee shop near my Dad's place.

They serve only breakfast and lunch at the Cafe.  When my Dad was feeling better, we often would go out for a bite to eat when I visited.  (Thanks to those of you who have sent messages about Dad - he is doing OK in the rehab area and if he gets a bit stronger he might be able to get back to his own apartment in the next couple of weeks).

I used to notice these coffee signs when we went there and I finally remembered to take a few photos last fall.  The shapes and layers appealed to me, along with some of the scrolls and floral details.  I can think of several ways to "translate" these signs into cards.

Do you ever notice things like this when you are out and about?  Now that nearly every cell phone has a camera it is easier than ever to snap a few reference shots so you don't lose the idea.  I have a folder labeled inspiration on my computer desktop with lots of things that I have photographed because I liked a shape, color scheme or pattern.

The shapes on these cards are similar to many on Cricut cartridges, in the Silhouette library or available in Nestabilities and other shape dies.  If you don't care for square cards, they would be easy to adapt for a rectangular  card - or just use the shape and make a shaped card.

I'd love to hear about everyday things that you have noticed that inspire you to make a project.  If you'd like to use these coffee shop signs and share your interpretation, leave a comment - I can add a linky tool if more than a few people want to try this.

I have to take down the art show Thursday - it seems like I just finished putting it up!  I'll try to do a quick video of the space before I take it down and once I have the projects home again I can finally get some better photos. 

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  1. Hi Diane, I'm glad to hear that your Dad is doing better and I hope he gets back to his castle soon. I too notice stuff when I am out and about especially shirts and blouzes... I'll often say to myself ''Oh that would make lovely cardstock'' lol
    Hope you have a great day.

  2. Good morningDiane -- hope your Mother's Day weekend was lovely.

    I'd love to have copies of your coffee shop photos as they would really make wonderful cards, as you suggest.

    Glad to hear that your Dad is doing better. We'll continue sending prayers for him!


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