Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stylized Pansy Card

The class at the Senior Citizen's Center was a lot of fun yesterday.  We made May baskets and then put together this card to go with the baskets.  I had a meeting last night, so I'll have to catch up with the details and a few photos from the class later today.

It turned out to be a good thing that I had prepared most of the pieces ahead of time.  Everyone was able to finish their projects while having some fun, so that was great.  We did a little embossing for the background and embossing is like magic if you haven't seen it done before.  It is such a quick and easy way to transform a piece of paper to make it much more special.

I hope to have a good stretch of time to be at the computer later today so I can catch up on editing photos and write up the descriptions for the blog.  I also need to answer some email that has piled up while I was busy making things!

What type of card do you send most often?  Do you make batches of cards for a personal stash so you have one ready when you need it or do you create the card as a "one-off" for each occasion?  Do you mail most of your cards or hand deliver them?  Just curious...

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  1. I love this card..simple yet very elegant...what embossing folder did you use for the basket weave??

  2. hiya! so cute diane. where did you cut the pansy from? as for your questions i am a really retarded card maker - i rarely remember to actually send any. i have BOXES of them and usually give them to my mom, step mom and aunt to use - they LOVE them. if i DO actually give one to someone it is usually from my already made ones and is usually someone's birthday who i will see in person.

  3. LOVE the beauty & the simpleness of this is really a beautiful card! Thank you for all your wonderful ideas, cards, photos, stories....Diane, I totally enjoy you & your site!

  4. Beautiful card and the embossing looks fabulous!! I like to make individual cards myself...except for Christmas time, I then make a batch of the same design. I try to hand deliver the ones I can that are local otherwise mail.
    Have a great day!

    Sherrie K

  5. Most of the cards I make are birthday cards and are mailed, therefore no big bows or three dimensional flowers. I make a number of cards for challenges and sometimes I'll pick from them. Other times I'll make one especially for the person.

    I'm glad your work with the seniors went well. I find it so rewarding.

  6. How incredibly sweet of you to taking card making to the senior center. I worked at a cancer camp one weekend and got the same a-ha moments when they saw the results of cranking paper thru an embossing machine. I run a monthly card making group and encourage the gals to make multiple cards of the same design. Once the design is done, it's so fast to make duplicates. I use a post-it note to record who the design was sent to so I don't send the same card to one person twice. My gals love it when I do kits and they can make more cards faster. We do both - some with my prep; others they do all the work with a suggested design and instructions. I get lots of ideas from you and always give your link as credit. Thanks for all you do.

  7. I usually try to make a couple cards while sitting down to work, using the same supplies, but often not exactly the same - depends on what paper and supplies I have out... but remembering to send them out - I'm not so good at that. I found a great system this week for remembering to mail cards, so I am going to try to set that up this month.

  8. Your card is beautiful! Pansies remind me of my Grandmother; she always had them in her garden! I think it's wonderful that you spent so much time creating the pieces and then helping the seniors put them together. We need more people like you in the world! I make cards for whatever
    occassion comes up in our lives and usually hand deliver them...I get alot of joy (and sometimes frustration) making them, but always love the appreciation from the recipient! Thank you for your

  9. Love the card. Which cart is this cut from? Art Nouveau? And what embossing folder is that basket weave?

    I send mostly Thank You and Birthday cards. Thank yous are batch made but birthday cards are personalized.

  10. Diane, I totally love your pansy card - love flowers. Did you get it from a cartridge or design it? If so, will you share? I usually make 4-5 at a time and stash them, realizing I wouldn't have to make any for several years but it's awesome cards like yours that get me in the card-making mode. :)

  11. I bet those ladies had so much fun andthen went back home and told all thier friends how nice you are. True! I only make cards and personalize most of them. I attend a card making class twice a month and I save those cards to use for all occasion events. I print out copies of cards that I like online and keep a binder of them in catagories like flowers, sentiments, etc. Then when I need an idea I just look in my binder. I'm a great "copier"!

  12. I teach monthly Cricut classes at our LSS & I cut as much as possible for them so they can concentrate on the techniques & cutting on their Cricuts. Classes are 2 hoursish & they do finish the 2 projects before they leave.

    I also take classes with my Stampin Up bestie. When I have a lot of cards I make a gift box, put in 12 cards & give them away for birthday presents. The cards I make are Thank You or Birthday cards which everyone at some time or another uses.

    I also give cards to groups to sell to make money for their charity or Cards for Soldiers. Yes, I make a lot of cards! LOL

  13. Also wondering which embossing folder this basket weave design comes from. I make cards for my large extended family and generally mail them. Padding my embellishments so they make it through the cancelling machine at the post off is a challenge.

  14. I make cards for the DTeams I am on and swaps and challenges I like. Then I have them on hand when I need them. I am bad about sending them.
    So glad you day went well.

  15. Hi Diane,
    The cards I make are mostly birthday, Christmas and sympathy. The Christmas cards are all the same and mostly get mailed. The birthday are individual. I often make up several sympathy cards at once to have on hand, but they aren't exactly the same.
    I usually get them mailed or delivered on time, but do have two late b'day cards not quite finished on my table at the moment. argh!
    Jane K.

  16. I personalize the cards. Mostly birthday. I just made one for my grandson who owns a yellow and black show car. Of course I put a yellow and black car on the card for him.

  17. what a great card! I make cards just to keep me busy..from thinking of you,thank you,just to say hi, get well,etc. but most of my B-day card are done very personal for that person...its very hard for me to do the same card more then twice..even though the cards will be mailed out in totally different directions??? for my cards I use meter mail so the card WON'T go thru the machine that way I know the card will not be chewed up and delivered torn

  18. I am a member of the card fairies and i make a lot of cards. I mail them so I don't get to use a lot of bling, but I also make cards for the office and there I get to bling and 3d/popup fun. I love making cards and have been doing it for about 25years, and they sure have changed in all that time. LOL. I use MTC and Zing and love to make new designs.

  19. Love the bold effects with cut paper - this is so pretty! And how great is it that you work with Seniors in this way! I bet it is a great, stimulating activity!


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