Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fun Photo Saturday

What's the most unusual place you have taken a photo?  I carry my camera with me most of the time and, as my friend Enfys says, "Diane will stop and take a photo of a light bulb if she thinks it is interesting!"

A few days ago, I was doing errands with my husband and we went through the car wash.  I had my camera in my hands and suddenly thought - why not snap some photos (don't you love digital photography and the freedom it gives you to experiment with effects inexpensively?).

The colors of the brushes and spinning rags are blue and green at this particular car wash and the effects of the sheets of water and the droplets were really interesting.

I know that some of you may think these are just odd - but I like the look and I think they would be great to try as backgrounds for pages.

I also took lots of photos from the car yesterday - since I was not driving, I could try to record some of the things we always see when we take this trip to see family in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  I haven't edited those photos yet and I am curious to see how they turned out (it's amazing to me that some photos I have shot through car windows have actually turned out rather well!).

I had a note from the Hershey's people and they told me that my post about some Easter Memories is featured on their Bunny Trail.  If you get a chance, be sure to check out the various stories and memories that have been shared - just click HERE to go to the site. 

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

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  1. I like your photos taken at the car wash. Good eye! I would use them as background paper.

  2. Awesome pics from the car wash...the colors are so crisp and vibrant...I love all the pics you post..keep them safe in your travels.Have a Happy Easter..:)

    Mary Ann

  3. Never would have thought to take pictures during a car wash. Love the results you got.

  4. Love the pictures. I especially like the 2nd one. It reminds me of ice after a New England
    ice storm. Love it.
    Dawn RI

  5. Great pictures and the timing is perfect! I'm headed to the car wash in an hour and will be sure my camera is ready!

    I love your Easter layout and the visit to the Bunny Trail was fun. Thanks.

  6. great pictures for backgrounds. I take pictures of strange things for backgrounds

  7. These are awesome, you would never guess what they actually were. Don't know what I'll do with them, but I'll think of something.

  8. I have a kaleidoscope program that will make some really cool things with these pictures!

  9. I carry my camera in my purse because you never know when that golden photo opportunity will arise. I've taken pictures of items in the grocery store that make me laugh (a crushed can of crushed tomatoes & baby food labeled "Tasty Baby-Squash em"), birds that flew into the BART station and beautiful sunrises & sunsets. I feel lost if I don't have my camera nearby at all times so I don't think your penchant for taking pictures of everyday things is odd.
    anticil at comcast dot net

  10. You always think outside the box and encourage us to do so as well. The wild thing is I was in Ross's the other day and they had a car dash camera mount. I stood there looking at it for a while but didn't buy it.

  11. AT 1st Look it seemed as if I was looking out of my window @ an AuroraBorilious. Then I Kewn where I really was. But it reaklky seemed funny!


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