Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reminder - 12 on the Twelfth Today

Good morning!  If you are doing the "12 on the 12th in 2012" project, it's picture taking day!

After the train ride home yesterday, I had the chance to go see my nephew (one of the triplets) play in the championship finals for his hockey league.  It was a great game.  His team had been tied for last place in the league and managed to win five playoff games to earn a place in the finals.  They played very well and it looked like the game was going into overtime with a tie score of 5 to 5 when the opponents scored the winning goal with just 24 seconds left in the game. 

I had my first try at taking photos during a game.  It sure is hard to capture a single player - they move so fast!  I do think this photo is interesting because all of the other players are blurs around him.  I'm not sure how I got this to work - probably just luck! 

If you ever get a chance to take the train from New York to Boston, you'll see some beautiful scenery.  The train passes along the shoreline for a while and, of course, I was snapping photos from the window.

I wanted to post the reminder for the 12 on the 12th project for those of you who read my blog first thing in the morning.  I have lots to catch up on today - and some crafting to do!  I took nearly 400 photos yesterday and I am going to try to stick to my plan of editing them ASAP and immediately deleting the "duds."  What are you planning to do today?

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  1. Wow editing 400 pictures would take me more than a day.
    I have water yoga, a hair cut and color, a card classes to go to and right now I feel like going back to bed.LOL Thanks for asking.

  2. Enjoy your pics you take along with your beautiful things you share all the time. I am practicing with my DH and cousin to sing Our Father and On Eagle's Wings for a cousin's funeral, I am accompanying them. Will do my daily walk along with DH and pretty much going to try to organize my studio if I can. ha.

  3. Diane,

    I too can't imagine editing 400 pictures! Thank you for the 12th reminder. Will take some pictures of the birthday and sympathy cards I am finishing...then not sure. It is a gray, cloudy, windy day in the mountains. I will be playing with my new cameo, figuring out how it works. Want to cut out a "thinking of you" with it.

    Jane K.

  4. I had an early morning board meeting and after that I'm working on my card make n take for Saturday's card club. I need to cut out 20 of everything for the m%t. Whew! Probably take a nap after that.


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