Thursday, April 5, 2012

Simple Pages and lots of Photos

About a year ago, I posted some scrapbook pages that I was making with a friend who was doing a single album for each of her grown children.  The pages are full of photos and there are just a few accents and embellishments - mostly titles.  That post can be found HERE.  This style of scrapbooking does not seem to be in fashion, most of the layouts you see in magazines have only one or two photos and lots of embellishments.

When I asked last year, a lot of you said you also liked to scrapbook with lots of photos on the pages.  I think of it as "paving the page" with the photos and letting them tell the story, with a bit of journaling to jog the memory!

I was looking for some photos that I took almost four years ago in New York City.  I was there with some friends for the weekend and all of the tulips were in bloom (I have more photos of the tulips to share another day - I got a bit off track in my idea about what I'd post today). 

I couldn't quite remember the date of our trip and, as I looked for those photos, I came across photos of some layouts I did for a "fast scrap" challenge.  The goal was to complete 10 pages in a day - in as few hours as possible.  These pages were done within a few months after I started my blog and I posted them only on the old cricut messageboard.   I wanted to add them to the blog - even though they are four years late!

When we were living in England, we took a trip over to the Netherlands to see the tulips.  My husband's parents came along on the trip.  I worked with the actual printed photos and did not scan and adjust them to exact sizes - I had to crop my way through the pile!

It took a little courage to post these - I am not sure that I would do everything just the same - but I thought you might like to see them.

I remember welding the "windmill" title and thinking about it as "windblown" but now I'll probably go back and make it more legible!

 The photo of our younger son smelling the red and yellow tulips in his green rain slicker is a favorite - I love the bright colors and the way he is leaning into the flowers.

The photos of the layouts are a little off center - I have learned a lot about taking photos of my work since these were done.  I could pull out the pages and take new photos but I think you can see the basic idea of simple and story/photo focused.

One of the most amusing things I remember from the trip was the gigantic wooden shoes at every tourist attraction.  We had a lot of fun taking "shoe pictures?" 

I don't think I ever went back and added the journaling - so I'll have to do that soon.  I did plan to get more scrapbooking done this year, unfortunately, I haven't been able to set aside the time.  I got involved with die cutting machines to help me do scrapbooks and I seem to do everything but work on the books!

Are any of you in the same boat?  Is anyone interested in taking on a "get it scrapped" challenge?  I know that I have a hard time deciding between traditional and digital.  I enjoy the digital process, but I also like to get paper in my hands!

I'll think about a way to set this up over the weekend - please leave a comment if you have any ideas for the structure or just to tell me that you'd like to get some of your older photos on pages and in albums!

I have to keep reminding myself - "finished is better than perfect!"

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  1. Good for you !!! This really shows the evolution of your scrapbooking older books look much the same way .. I resolved to myself much the same way as you did that it is much better to have the pages done and the timeline saved ..may my grandchildren enjoy walking down memory lane ...


  2. Sounds like fun. When I do get a page finished there is such a feeling of accomplishment.

  3. I always love seeing your pictures of flowers. They are so pretty! I love to see LO's with lots of pics. I do like LO's with a picture or two and all the pretty embellishments. I feel all the extras take away from the pictures and shouldn't the focus be on the pictures. I started out as a scrapbooker but have become more of a papercrafter. I haven't done a scrapbook page in many years. It seems I have so many other projects in the works I just don't have the time.

  4. Haha you realy has seen the tourist things, can you believe it , i life in the Netherlands and never have seen theese things.

    Great you enjoyed your trip so much.

    Have a blessed easter.


  5. I love this idea. This gives the grown child the chance to remember it their way. It also looks so nice. It's not over done. My son would love that. I have been making pages for albums for them for a long time. My mother did that for me before she passed away I found it. I cry everytime I look at it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. i much prefer traditional scrapping. there's just something about playing with paper and embellishments that i find relaxing. i've got a ton of pictures to scrap, but alas not a ton of time to get it done.

  7. I enjoy the paper crafting more than digital. I work on a computer 14 hours per day so this is how I get away from it! I enjoy looking back to see how my style has changed over the years.

  8. Thank you for all the time you spend posting to your blog. I enjoy the photos whether the are craft-related or not. It is fun to look back and see how our scrapbooking has changed over the years. I do not ever do digital because I love the feel of paper in my hands and need to "use my stash". I would be interested in a challenge to motivate me. Sally

  9. I seem to scrapbook mostly old pictures though I just started doing my daughters Italy pictures, I'm taking a break from scrapping all my familys old pictures, 3 large albums so far covering 1923 to somewhere in the 60's, I'm also working on an album of my daughters pictures, she's 29 and I think I'm around age 9, my older scrapbooks are much plainer than what I do now but I won't change them (to much other scrapbooking to do) just hope my family enjoys all these albums when I'm gone), Sarah

  10. HI! It's been a while since I've commented on your blog - life gets hectic sometimes! But I DO read it every day, even if I don't comment! I remember your post about scrapbooking, and I was one of the people that commented that I prefer more pictures on the page. I, too, have TONS of old pictures that need to go in books! I took them all out of the old albums (the ones with the glue on the page and the plastic cover on them) and never found time to get them into a "real" acid-free scrapbook. If you have a challenge, I will do my best to participate! Thanks for sharing all of your work. It inspires me to keep going!

    rissaflor atyahoo dotcom

  11. I really need to work on her scrapbook. Its all ready to go. The pictures are cropped and in order. I like cropping my photos the OLD way. The old CM way. My grandsons first 3 years are scrapped that way. My grand daughter will soon be 6 . I think I better get moving.
    Dawn RI

  12. Am I in the same boat? Yes I am and it's sinking fast with all the pictures to scrapbook. I do have them sorted according to occasion but that's all. If you have a challenge, I'm sure it will motivate me to do some pages, and once motivated I may not be able to stop. Who needs more cards anyway? ^_^

  13. I love your scrapbook pages--they are wonderful. I think we get so caught up in the art of scrapbooking these days that we forget the point--to capture and document memories. I am definitely in for a challenge! :)

  14. those layouts are great! Don't change a thing!

  15. Ready to go! Back to simplicity is a great idea. I am so far behind and would like to get past thinking every page must be a work of art.

  16. When our girls were little we had one camera and that belonged to my husband. He didn't take many pictures and those he did take were 35mm slides. After the girls grew up I looked at our slides and his view of a vacation were pictures of trees, houses, tourist stuff and no pics of our kids! Sad! Thank goodness for pocket cameras now, but a little late for our girls.

  17. I think we all get behind in our scrapbooks because life keeps happening. I find that I have to set a deadline to finish certain ones and then I stay on schedule. I have discs and cards and albums with photos galore. I try to jot down dates and tidbits i want to remember on note cards that I kerep with those photos.

  18. I have been so into cards lately that I am so behind on the albums. I plan to attend two scrapbook conventions in May/June and have signed up for all the crops - I have to work on my books! So, I'm very much up for a challenge. And... I scrap much like your books here - get the photos in, embellish them a little bit, journal, and turn the page. My scrapbooks are a way to save the memories for the next generation, not showcase MY art!

  19. I always scrap with multiple photos per page. I print everything as a 4x6 and enjoy the challenge of cropping them into a collage style with a few embellishments. I am a photo nut and my book would be 3 zillion pages long if I only used 1 or 2 pics on each page! :)

  20. I don't get fancy with my photos, either. I like to put a lot on the pages and I mostly do two-page layouts. Don't go back and change anything - firstly, it shows that you have progressed since that time, and secondly, if you start doing that nothing new would ever get done (at least in my case!)...

  21. Hi Diane,
    I have 4 kids, ages 9, 13, 14 and 16. I didn't get much done past the first couple of years for the 1st and 2nd and yikes, one year for the younger two! I'd like to join you in your challenge. I like to put many pictures on the page and keep the embellishments simple. I usually do my journaling on the computer and print on cardstock. Anyways, I'd love to join you! CindyHoffmannSmith


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