Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

Today is the celebration of Earth Day.  There are all sorts of activities and initiatives for Earth Day - you can read more about it on the Earth Day Network site.

A couple of years ago, our town passed a ban on single-serving water bottles at Town Meeting.  State approval was never obtained so it was basically a symbolic gesture.  Last year, the ban was proposed again and rejected, by a vote of 265 to 272.  Town Meeting - that great New England tradition starts tomorrow and, once again, there is a proposal to ban single-serving water bottles.

It will be interesting to see what happens this year.  There are good arguments on both sides and I am sure the debate will be lively.  We try to bring our own water in reusable bottles when we go out.  I used some vinyl to decorate the bottles two years ago.  They are still in use and going strong.


If  you'd like to see the details about making the water bottles, click on the photo of the bottle to go to the original post.  Vinyl is easy to work with and this would be a fun project to do with children - they can choose some favorite images for their personalized bottles.

Shape Up Your Scrapbooking in Spring Training 2012

There is still time to sign up for  Spring Training 2012 , just click the image above to go to the information page on the Ella Publishing website.  You can use the code LEOTARD to get 10% off.  There are lots of great prizes from a variety of companies (Adobe, American Crafts, 2Peas, Ormolu, Jo Totes, Lawn Fawn, Becky Higgins, LLC, Whisker Graphics, Stampin' Up, Studio Calico, Scrapbooks Plus, and more!) that will be awarded during the class.

Spring Training 2012 will have five expert coaches including Erin Cobb (Photography), Wendy Smedley (Organization), Nichol Magouirk (Technique), Lisa Dickinson (Design) and Tammy Morrison (Scrapbooking Fitness and Fun!).

I am ready for the sessions to start tomorrow and I hope some of you will be joining in as well!

Have an environmentally friendly day!

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  1. Wonderful project idea. I am in favor of bringing your own reusable bottle, It would be wonderful to see the iniciative being approved not only in your town but country wide. But as you said there are good arguments on both sides, I guess it is key to excercise our common sense and try to minimize the use of disspossable bottles... As always thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day!

  2. Diane, this is way cool!! Love it!


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