Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Egg Shaped Card adapted from Free Silhouette Studio Shape

Every Tuesday, there is a free shape offered through the Silhouette online store accessed through the free Silhouette Studio software.  The shape is available for one week so there is plenty of time to log in to the software and add it to your collection. 

This week the free shape was this stitched egg candy pouch.  I thought it could easily be turned into a card so I made a few changes to the design.  I ungrouped the elements and then released the compound path to separate the egg shape from the stitching holes.

I mirrored the egg shape to the left and added a small oval at the edge between the two eggs, then welded all three shapes to produce the card base.  I adjusted the shape slightly to make the an A2 size.  To create the ring of "frosting," I grouped the remaining stitching circles and added a contour of .150.  Then I selected both the holes and the outline and made a compound path.  I stretched the shape slightly to fit the slightly resized card.

I used the Core'dinations Gemstone cardstock for all of the pieces.  It comes in such lovely spring colors and the pearly shine is perfect for Easter items.  I remember the large chocolate eggs we used to get in our Easter baskets usually had a ring of white frosting and some flowers so I added three sparkled flowers from Creative Charms in white, yellow and purple.

I put the letters and background of the sentiment on a straight line when I added them to the card.  The original design has them angling up to the right a bit.  I probably should have changed the angle of the cut on the mat, turning it 10 or 11 degrees to have the cut line up with the linen texture in the cardstock.  If you were using a solid color flat cardstock, it wouldn't matter.

I decided to leave well enough alone - it's probably one of those things that most people wouldn't notice!
(If I cut another card from this cardstock, I probably will straighten it - that's just the way I am...).

I liked the look with the holes in the center of the border, however, you can easily omit the holes to get the look in this screen shot.  It's fun to play around with the alternatives - just start over if you end up with something that doesn't appeal to you!

I am happy to share this simple .studio file - you can download it by clicking on the link below.

Easter Egg Shaped Card

It's great to have the ability to change these free shapes - it makes them even more useful and fun to use.

In other news - I actually used my Bind-It-All for the first time in ages.  My little neighbor had a school project (a comic book style book report) and she needed to keep the pages together.  She was very interested in the way the Bind-It- All worked and loved choosing some ribbons to add to the binding.  I asked her if she thought anyone else would put their book together this way and she said she didn't think so because, "not everybody has a Miss Diane on their street!" 

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. What a sweet comment your neighbor gave you!

  3. That was supposed to be compliment!

  4. Adorable cards and what a sweet way to help a neighbor. She looks tickled pink over the results.

  5. Very nice of you to help your neighbors. Glad see appreciates your talents.

    Any updates on the show in the future?

  6. Your egg is so pretty. We are blessed with little neighbor girls also. My craft room gets lots of use from them. I love it!

  7. LOL cute story about your neighbor's kid,

    And I love how you modified the free shape for this week.

  8. Such a sweet comment from the neighbor friend. Bet that made your day!

  9. Great card, it really is cute. Your neighbour made a lovely project and what a lovely comment she made about yourself.
    Kim xXx


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