Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

This is another of my original designs for the exhibit.  Tulips always make me think of Spring.  I hope that Spring is really here.  We had a few snow flurries on Saturday!

Since our son and daughter-in-law are living in Spain this year, they have been finding out about the differences in the way holidays are celebrated.  There are lots of processions during during Easter week (Santa Semana).  They saw a group practicing carrying a float earlier this month.  Apparently the floats are quite elaborate with Biblical scenes portrayed on top.  The group was practicing walking slowly and in unison so their float would stay steady.  I am looking forward to hearing more about the actual processions and seeing some photos.

I looked in Wikipedia to find out some more about Easter and Palm Sunday traditions in Spain.   There was an interesting proverb - Domingo de Ramos, quien no estrena algo, se le caen las manos ("On Palm Sunday, the hands drop off of those who fail to wear something new").

I've never heard of this tradition - we always had new things for Easter but not for Palm Sunday.  Have you heard this expression? 

I hope you are having a nice weekend - I think I'll be decorating some eggs this week...better late than never!

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  1. I was raised a Catholic and we had lots of church traditions during Holy Week. Today I'll be stuffing over 300 plastic eggs with money, candy and rocks for our annual neighborhood hunt in our yard. The kids know that some eggs have money and rocks and some have only rocks. The kids are getting too smart. I try to outwit them with the rocks! The sun finally came out after a horribly windy night. Have a nice day.

  2. Growing up in Mexico beginning on Palm SUnday it was a week of family traditions and Church activities. While the saying is no something I remember, many people do dress in there best (new) outfits for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Traditions are different for Catholics across the world.


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