Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cricut Updates - Good News for Gypsy owners with Cricut Minis

I was working on a few new projects and was awake up to the wee hours.  The blog counter was just a few hundred away from 1.5 million when I finished up.  So...I will be posting the names of the Fourth Blogoversary Celebration winners at some point today.  We do have a few things that have to be done in the morning so it might not be until later in the day.  

For Cricut users - the long awaited updated for compatibility between the Gypsy and the Cricut Mini is finally available.  This information was posted on the Cricut Message Board on Friday.  I know not everyone reads the message boards so I have copied and pasted the info here for you.

I do not own a Mini so I haven't been able to test the update but it seems that it has gone smoothly for most people...sometimes I wait to see if any kinks have been worked out before updating (why these updates are nearly always released on a Friday with no support on the weekend is a mystery to me!).  So - proceed with caution - good luck!

Here is the information:

 Gypsy® device firmware 0227 update – Available 02.09.12
This update includes the following:
Cutting to the Cricut Mini™ with the Gypsy® device:
• The Gypsy device must be updated to the 0227:0234 (0227 firmware and 0234 content) version through the Cricut® Sync program found at
• The Cricut Mini firmware must be updated to Version .23 in order to communicate with the Gypsy device .
• If the Cricut Mini requires a firmware update, you will be prompted to visit Cricut Craft Room™ to perform this update when the Gypsy device is connected to the Cricut Mini machine. Simply follow the screen prompts to complete the update process in Cricut Craft Room.
*Note: Cricut Mini cannot be updated from Gypsy device.

Cricut Expression® 2 machines:
• This release supports all Cricut Expression 2 machines including those with the 1000 firmware version

Corrects the blue & black screen that some Gypsy® devices were experiencing:
• We strongly encourage ALL Gypsy device users to update their device to the newest version (0227:0234) through the Cricut® Sync program at for best results.
• This update will prevent the black screen and blue light some Gypsy devices were experiencing; however, it does not repair them.
• If you have a Gypsy device displaying a black screen and blue light, please contact Cricut® support 1-877-727-4288 | Monday-Friday: 7am-6pm MST

Corrects Cricut® cartridge linking issues associated with the following cartridges:
• Pagoda
• Close to my Heart - Art Philosophy Cricut® Bundle
• Celebrate With Flourish
• Everyday Pop-Up Cards
• Cake Everyday Sampler

Gypsy Linking to Cricut Craft Room™ is coming soon!

I did get a chance to try a few test cuts of files that have been piling up in my Silhouette folder.  This type of cut and folded design technique is called "incire" and usually requires a lot of hand cutting using a stencil.

This is how it looks on the back side.  I remember trying to figure out how to do a Design Studio file to make the cuts years ago but I was never able to get a result that I was happy with.  I made some cutting files in the Silhouette software in less than 10 minutes - because I can put lines where I want them and do quick and easy grouping and replicating.  These are just some test cuts but now that I have figured out an easy way to make the files I'll be doing more of them - I love the look!

Have you ever made this type of design?  Spellbinders and several other of the die companies are making dies for these cuts now but of course they only cut one size.  With a file you can make the design any size you like.

Check back later today to find out who will be receiving "happy mail" next week!

I hope you have a great weekend - there may be a little snow here, but then again, maybe not - that's just the way this winter has gone!

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  1. I have not cut any of the files you mentioned, but they sound extremely enticing. I should give it a try. And, are talking about the cut, fold and tuck dies from Spelllbinders? I am really interested in them.

    Dianne Bell -

  2. Oh no! I have been trying to talk myself out of buying a Silhouette Cameo, but after seeing your post, I think I need one. I do own several of the stencil cuts and love the look of them. How nice it would be if I could cut those on my Imagine, E2, or Expression (I gave my baby bug to my neice). Yes, I own them all, plus a Cricut Cake....i am running out of room to store all these cutters! Thanks Dianne for enabling me! Have a great weekend! mary

  3. Good morning Diane,
    Hope you have a great weekend, it's been a great week I've been reading the comment too...Nellie

  4. Diane you have a GREAT blog and you have given me so much inspiration! Thank you for sharing.

    Marjorie from TX

  5. Those cuts look very interesting - I am going to have to research it more! Thank you for bringing it to our attention! Have a Great day!!!

  6. I would love to figure out now to do those cuts. Have the machine, but need instructions . . .

    Love your blog Diane.

  7. Yes, Diane, you have me looking more seriously into purchasing a Sihouette. The creations one can create seem to be a lot less limited than with the Cricut. I love my Cricut but get so frustrated when i can't move or erase a cut on my project.
    No, I've never tried the incire technique. Another project to add to my list of fun things to try! Love the look.
    Thank you Diane for taking me places i've never been. I've not ever worked with cutfiles either. that's lower on my list!

  8. Hi Diane, funny you should write about the Mini this morning because I woke up very early this morning and turned the tv on and there was an infomercial on the Cricut Mini, they had some really nice projects. However, I think that it only cuts 8 1/2 X 11. The silhouette seems a lot of fun also.
    Hope you have a great day.

  9. Hi Diane,
    I remember making something like this as a child with a crafty neighbor friend ~ we created a new lampshade for my bedroom in this type of cut. I have to agree with the other reader you have me wanting a silhouette ~ but I don't used my expression enough to justify the purchase! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas!

  10. I keep finding more and more things I haven't tried yet when I read your blog and yet my neighbors think I'm superwoman. Little do they know I learn everything from you. Keep the information coming.

  11. You are always shareing the most interesting info and those to die for cuts you come up with. I love the inspiraqtion you give me and I guess I am going to have to start saving my pennies for a ew toy myself.

  12. Diane
    I have tried these cuts and they are fun to do. I have done them on the Expression and also by hand. Never felt I could afford the die just for one cut.

  13. I have never tried the design technique incire but it sure looks neat. And again thanks for all the ideas and tutorials that you have.

  14. hmmmm need to conect my Gypsy....

    Thanks and have a great weekend !!!!

  15. I have never tried cuts like these but I really really would like to! I would love it if you could give us a tutorial. Do you make and import your own designs with the Cameo or must they at least be made of the basic shapes they provide? I am getting very interested in that machine I think. Nice ideas; thanks for sharing!

  16. No I have never tried these cuts befor, I recently purchased a Cricut Expression 2 and I am still learning, great post today though!!

  17. I have never cut with an design like this, I tried several times to make something with DS but it never came out right so I stopped have not done anything for years. Have never tried in CCR
    upnurse at aol dot com

  18. I've not seen this before..looks really interesting! seems like you are enjoying your Sillouette, like it has some flexible features not found with cricut machines. appreciate you sharing your experiences with both.

  19. Good morning scrapers....I have never cut a design that complicated before. Soooooo many followers. Good thing you don't have to respond to each message.
    Thank you
    Linda in Stanwood

  20. Cool cut. Congrats on all your "hits".

  21. No, I have not made a cut like that. I try and avoid complicated images because I ususally mass produce and sell and people won't pay for all of my extra trouble!
    Congrats on you HUGE blog success!
    Thanks of for the chance to win your fabulous prizes

  22. Love that! I'm just now researching what type of machine to buy! I'm thinking the cameo!? but your cuts are inspiring me to get a move on! TFS!congrats on your hits! quite a feat!
    nanapuddin2u at gmail dot com

  23. You're such an inspiration! Congrats on all the blog hits - but it doesn't surprise me that you would reach such a high number this soon - YOU HAVE A GREAT BLOG!

  24. Hay Carumba Diana Como es que he hestdo piensando como es si hice un error, cuando compre un Cricut, y quizas vera sido mejor si compre
    una maquina de otra para cortar. Qual es mejor,Y mas facil de usar.
    Pienso que toda son quasi igual?
    Buena Suerte con Su MilQuientios!
    Y Felicidades en su Aniversario. Ud
    tiene muchas buena ideas.
    Oh My goodness,Diana How I've been pondering that I've made an error, when I purchased a Cricut,& perhaps
    I should have purchased a better typeof machine.One that cuts better
    objects,that is easier 2 use.I had
    thought they were all alike,but they are not?Much Luck with your
    1.5Mil.AND Happiness on Your Anniversary.My U have so manyGreat

  25. Thanks for the info on the Gypsy up date. You are always an inspiration to me with hour designs. I worked in my Make the Cut software yesterday and got some doilies designed. I don't think I would have taken the time if it wasn't for looking at what you do. TFS

  26. Congrats on your 4th Blogoversary and 1.5 million visits! Love your blog and love you and your willingness to share your skills! I enjoy reading your blog every day but rarely get to comment! Thank you!
    Cindy Hoffmann Smith

  27. Oh My Goodness! If I could justify getting a Silhouette I would just for being able to make this type of cut! Maybe I can keep trying to get a cut I like by using DS and my Epression.

    A warning to all Gypsy owners, I am on my 3rd time trying to get this update to actually update! The first time was my fault as I did not realize it was going to take so long and I did not plug in my Gypsy to charge when I walked away. The next 2 times it has just shut off (yes, it is plugged in and charging) mid update. I am going to try one more time before giving up and waiting until Monday for tech support.
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    shalbgewachs at sbcglobal dot net

  28. It's grand 2b w/U duri ng these times when U R just as excited &
    awaititng 2 reach Ur 1.5Mil HIT(I trust this must B an awesome achivement 2 reach this # of HOW
    many people actually reach & send You a message(?)all in ONE WEEK!
    You Must be proud, that by offering
    candy and asking a question you can rech so many persons. It must feel very exciting that Your Blog
    can reach so many and have such an oppertunity to influence so many
    towards remembering what it means
    to BE RESPONSIBLE 4 Others, if we stand together for one cause we can make a difference towards MAKING the Senate & Congress WORK
    FOR US and NOT for THEM-SELVES,& ONLY "their Friends". Heck we put them in there to WORK, and all they've been doing is "not doing,
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    Her Terms IN-Office" Her Work, would be the work of all of us. I know this we would NOT HAVE Wars.
    Unless it meant we had to defend our-Humanity's exsistence of LIFE!

  29. Congrats on going over 1 1/2 million hits. Now you are on your way to 2 million and I bet that it won't take long.

    Marjorie from TX

  30. I love the new "cut & tuck" Spellbinders dies and it didn't even occur to me to try it w/ my Cricut. That's why we luckily have you and why you just hit 1.5 million views. Congratulations!

  31. Gee Whiz DI, How does one EVEN KNOW
    WHICH TYPE of machine to actually BUY,...oh & yes others have said wellit depends on what you WANT to DO?(it's not the 1st x,I've asked this ???. Really Aren't we all DO-
    ING the SAME thing, Wanting 2 make a CRAFTY Nice CARD or SCRAP-layOUT
    4 our Luv's pictures? So what's the answers. i.e. here I read there is a crafter who has a CRICUT AND now WANTS to BUY a SILOUTTE, WHY?? and WHY didn't she
    just buy the silloute 1st? Do most feel that if they had to do it all over again they would have just purchased a silloute 1st. AND if it's JUST there are some things that a one does that the other does not, WHY NOT- hasn't some company seen the "LIGHT" AhAhhaaaa
    And Just make an Event-fulMachine that does BOTH. Yhis is NO Surprise to any of the companies. it HAS ALREADY been PROPOSED It would have to have been, but I bet the ones who refused wiould have to have been the Guys who nwere ONLY motivated by $$$ and NOT US the CRAFTER's. the crafter is only a means to the end...which IS $$$.
    I'm not nieve to think that $$ doesn't make the world go around, but what has ever happened to the
    CRAFT for CRAFT. LIKE all these stamps of phrases, what we did before did look handmade, till someone came along & said "My print
    -ing/writingis Not good" now even thoses who's print/written end result WAS GREAT doesn't use it &
    why? because it's NOT da"IN" thing
    we have BEEN TOLD,"your cards will LOOK more Polished off IF u use these stamps! what happened 2 "OUR-
    TOUCH" 2 a final card.??
    Then the NEw machine could also just MAKE our own PHRASES too,YES?
    Sull back to the 1st ?? nwhich machine to use,BUY if it is the 1st
    machine one would BUY???
    Oh feeling better yet// have U reached 1,5 MIL yet??

  32. Cuts like this is why I faithfuly follow your blog. What an inspiration! Too bad a don't have a Silhouette. Maybe someday.

  33. Love the look of this cut! I do have a few of the dies, but think a machine that can do it is the BEST idea! The Cameo is looking better and better! Congrats on the blogoversary and your many many hits!

  34. I am a longtime email subscriber and follower.

  35. oooh I was going to get the new cameo then I was on MTC forum and watching the video on the Zing and I didn't know my son was listen and he ordered it for me, so that what i have and have to learn how to use it..the machine is easy its the sofeware I'm having trouble with....luv your cuts..

  36. I have not done this kind of cut , but I love the look, it is so intricate looking, I only own a cricut, but certainly would love to own another cutter too. I have not seen the spellbinders dies either, but as you said it will only cut one size so, it is kind of limiting too but might give it a try...I love your designs and once again thank you for sharing, have a lovely day.
    unikebyyes at yahoo dot com

  37. What a fantastic it! Thanks for the info on the Gypsy/Cricut Mini update. I've been needing to update my Gypsy even though I don't have a Mini. I'm holding off because I have a big project to work on -- tea party invitations and decorations. Can't afford to have anything go wrong. TFS.

  38. Congratulations on your blog success! It's no surprise considering how helpful you are describing how to navigate the design studio and sharing your designs. Please continue to make files available that don't use the Gypsy for those of us who don't own one.
    Thank you!
    I don't remember if I entered the giveaway, is it too late?

  39. Diane, I think I know why they release these updates on Friday... You know I love, love, love all things PC. But they ALWAYS have problems, every time they release anything, then they rush the updates and the releases usually have problems so why not release the update on Friday, so no one has to answer the phone :)
    Still waiting for the update so my gypsy and the CCR will work together...

  40. Love this cutting style. I have the it's time to check out their files. I have been a subscriber for a long time. Miss your old classes.
    bbonko at


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